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Every owner of a Yorkie will notice that the dogs love to jump on different things. It is a sign of excitement when dogs meet someone, or of excess energy that has accumulated during the day. Some people are not really happy to see the pets overexcited as there are small kids around.

In this situation, it is rather important to calm down your Yorkie in order to save peace in the house and to exclude any hurt. There is nothing bad about jumping of your Yorkie as it is a natural instinct of your pet that can be translated as a greeting of an owner or guests.

Besides, jumping off your Yorkie may mean the intention of your pet to show dominance over another dog or another person. There are different ways to stop this jumping but usually, owners do not use the right methods and as a result, their dogs may become more excited than they were before. That is why you need to understand your Yorkie and if jumping stats, you do not need to pay the attention to your Yorkie and you do not need to reward the bad behavior with playing.

In other cases, you will not be able to change the situation and your pet will be trying to attract your attention.

At the same time,you should not get angry with your pet, as it can easily confuse your dog and will trigger additional excitement.

All you can do here is to properly ignore your pet by reducing any eye contact with your dog.

Yorkie Training Tips

Dogs are the most loveable creatures, making every animal lover keep them as their pet. Although we all enjoy watching a cute puppy moving around us, it becomes a primary concern when a heavy and grown-up dog jumps on us. Moreover, this frisky behavior of dogs can be dangerous for children and feeble people.

Before things become crucial and get out of your hand, it is important to stop your dog from jumping. Thus, with little patience and consistent training, you can train your dog and alter its jumping behavior. 

Why Do Dogs Jump?


Before you start the train for your dog, it is essential to know why dogs jump in the first place. 

Dogs express their joy and excitement with their body language and movements. There are several reasons for the jumping of dogs. When your dog jumps at you, it is generally for getting your attention. Therefore, when you yell at or push it back, you reward it unconsciously by giving it attention. 

Moreover, dogs enjoy greeting face to face and expressing their happiness by jumping. Jumping is considered normal canine behavior. Thus, you can easily alter its behavior with adequate training and reward it for good behavior.  

Your reaction to the jumping of the dog plays a significant role. You will need to note when your dog jumps and gets enthusiastic. For instance, when you play with toys, and your dog jumps over you, all you need to do is drop the toy and walk away. It will not motivate your pet to repeat the behavior.

If your pet dog has the habit of jumping over you while you are preparing their meal, don’t push it away. Place the food away from its reach and walk away. If your pet gets excited when you come home, wait outside and give your pet time to calm down. 

You have to make your dog realize that jumping will not bring him any reward. Therefore, it will need to change its strategy to get its desired thing. 

When you observe it adopting an alternate behavior, reward it. This reward will motivate the dog to practice that specific behavior and leave the jumping behavior.

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Changing a Natural Impulse

Training a dog can be a highly irritating and frustrating process. It doesn’t happen overnight and requires lots of patience from the dog owner. Before the improvement in behavior, you will notice it getting worse.

Therefore you have to keep yourself prepared for the ‘extinction burst.’ When you stop reinforcing the dog’s bad behavior, your dog may perceive that it is unable to convey the message. So, he may start jumping more to get attention.

We guide you about the strategies that will change the dog’s behavior over time if adopted consistently. 

Dog Jumps at You When You Arrive Home?

  1.  Slightly open the door halfway. If one or more paws of your dog are above ground and it is enthusiastic, shut the door immediately and hold back for 30 seconds. 
  2. Start opening the door again. If your dog is still jumping around and not calm, close the door. Now, wait for another 30 seconds. 
  3. Repeat the activity and keep doing so until your dog gets calm and you are sure that you can walk now without facing a jump by it. 

Dog Jumps at Strangers, Saying Hello at the Park

dog jumping

  1. Find a friendly stranger who can help you teach your dog to greet politely. The stranger will need to stand still and let you come to him. 
  2. Walk your dog to the stranger to greet him. If your dog starts reacting excitedly by jumping around and barking, take two to three steps backward.
  3. Give time to your dog; either let it stand or sit, calm down, and start approaching the stranger again. If your dog gets excited again, repeat step 2 and keep doing so until it gets calm.
  4. When your dog’s four paws are on the ground, and it is entirely calm, allow them to say hello. 
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Dog Jumps at Visitors When They Come to See You

dog jumping

  1.  Leash your dog and keep the door unlocked. Ask your visitors to wait for you until you come to greet them. Instruct your visitors before they reach to knock at their arrival but enter on their own and wait for you.
  2.  At your visitors’ arrival, bring your dog close to the visitors to see them but at a distance so that it cannot reach your visitors. You can ask your dog to sit.
  3.  Ask your visitors to walk towards you but stop abruptly and stand still if the dog gets excited. In such a situation, get your dog’s attention and ask it to sit. When it is calm, your friend can start to walk again towards it.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the dog fully relaxes with all four paws on the floor. When it is no more in the excitement phase, the guests can greet it.

Dog Gets Overly Excited and Jumps Up on You

  1. Never push your dog off by using your hands when they jump at you because this will make it perceive that jumping is getting the attention it needs. All you have to do is move away and turn your back on its behavior. Don’t hit or knee the dog because this is painful and can be dangerous.
  2. If your dog still keeps jumping even after turning once, repeat step 1 twice. After that, make it clear that such behavior isn’t acceptable by saying out loud, ‘Too bad.’ Then, walk away from your dog where it cannot approach you.
  3. When your dog is calm and not jumping anymore, you can play and interact with it.

Talking to or touching your dog should be completely excluded when you want to reduce the excitement of your pet. In this case, your Yorkie will patiently wait by sitting. Finally, you need to reward your dog softly without getting the pet excited again. The most important thing here is to make your dog understand that your attention will be addressed just when the dog behaves in the proper way.