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Every owner of a Yorkie will notice that the dogs love to jump on different things. It is a sign of excitement when dogs meet someone, or of excess energy that has accumulated during the day. Some people are not really happy to see the pets overexcited as there are small kids around.

In this situation, it is rather important to calm down your Yorkie in order to save peace in the house and to exclude any hurts. There is nothing bad about jumping of your Yorkie as it is a natural instinct of your pet that can be translated as greeting of an owner or guests.

Besides, jumping of your Yorkie may mean the intention of your pet to show dominance over another dog or another person. There are different ways to stop this jumping but usually owners do not use the right methods and as a result, their dogs may become more excited than they were before. That is why you need to understand your Yorkie and if jumping stats, you do not need to pay the attention to your Yorkie and you do not need to reward the bad behavior with playing.

In other case, you will not be able to change the situation and your pet will be trying to attract your attention.

At the same time,you should not get angry with your pet, as it can easily confuse your dog and will trigger additional excitement.

All you can do here is to properly ignore your pet by reducing any eye contact with your dog.

Yorkie Training Tips

Talking or touching your dog should be completely excluded when you want to reduce the excitement of your pet. In this case, your Yorkie will patiently wait by sitting. Finally, you need to reward your dog softly without getting the pet excited again. The most important thing here is to make your dog understand that your attention will be addressed just when the dog behaves in the proper way.




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