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Teeth Cleaning to Prevent Gingivitis in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    March 25, 2015


Yorkshire terriers suffer from the same oral and dental health problems as humans do. They are predisposed to such dental conditions as gingivitis, bad breath and dental pain. If dog owners do not pay attention to the condition of the dog’s teeth, it is likely possible that your dog will suffer from dental plaque. In other words dental plaque is a substance that covers the dog’s teeth with a film and it is composed of bacteria and the related secretions.

Plaque accumulation is a natural process and you cannot stop it by any means, all you can do is to prevent the negative impact of dental plaque on the dental health of your dog. Bacteria included in plaque gets the nutrition from food that dogs consume. In most serious cases, the bacteria start getting food from blood and gums. The gums of your dog may become severely inflamed which may cause a depressed mood of your dog. In most cases, dogs suffering from gingivitis start losing weight and they cannot eat hard foods.Gingivitis

One of the most effective ways to exclude that dental condition is to ask the veterinarian to perform dental cleaning. It is a rather painful activity which is performed with the help of anesthesia. In serious cases, the veterinarian may prescribe taking antibiotics for several days before performing the dental procedure. It is not enough for your dog to live a normal life and after the teeth cleaning you will need to start a home teeth cleaning to exclude any chances of gingivitis appearance.

For dogs that cannot tolerate brushing, there are a lot of gels and sprays available.

You should never use toothpaste for humans as dogs are expected to swallow it.

You should not demonstrate any pressure on your dog and should start slowly till your Yorkie starts feeling comfortable with brushing or cleaning. Try to perform the procedure in a gentle way to exclude any damage to the gums.

Photo by Daniel Koch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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  2. I so want another yorkie! but, i can’t afford the prices ppl put on them. I had a yorkie up until he passed away..I miss him so much, and its been a couple years since, and now im ready to raise another, but the little guys are just so pricey! 🙁

    • My baby just had her 1st baby, but he didn’t make it. But we are trying again. What is your spending budget & male or female?? Where do you live? We live in Madisonville, TN. How would you feel about a CHORKIE? If I can’t find a stud at reasonable price, may go CHORKIE ROUTE.

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