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Often referred to as “purse dogs,” Yorkies are seen peeking out of the handbags of Hollywood celebrities and making their homes with the rich and famous.

There is just something about these tiny dogs that appeal to individuals who may cringe if a Saint Bernard slobbers all over them, but may fall to pieces after getting a quick kiss from a small Yorkie. Since Yorkies need minimal exercise, love to be cuddled and pampered, and their coats require a lot of attention, this toy breed appeals to a lot of different kinds of people, from debutantes to average Joes. That being said, Yorkies generally have quite a high price tag.

And that brings us to the topic of this article – How, and where to find a FREE Yorkie!

Finding a Free Yorkie

A reputable breeder can charge upwards of $600, $800, or even $1200 for a Yorkie puppy that is AKC registered, and that’s considered a relatively low price. Some Yorkies sell for well over $3’000 depending on several factors such as size, ears, coat, heritage, and gender (females are generally more expensive than males).

If you see an ad online for a puppy that is only a couple of hundred dollars, be wary. The puppy is likely in terrible health and the seller is trying to get rid of it quickly.


If you are wondering why Yorkies are so expensive, just think supply and demand. Yorkies are a very popular breed of dog, and they have been around for over 200 years. Their tiny size, shed-less coats, and puppy features make them an irresistible choice for people the world over.



Find Free Yorkies on Local Classifieds

For a quick turnaround, browse through the following classifieds to spot free puppies:

Another reason that Yorkies are so expensive is due to the cost associated with the breeder. Many people believe breeders make large sums of money because they sell each puppy for such a large fee, but this actually isn’t the case. After taking into account veterinarian bills, vaccines, stud fees, supplies, food, and housing, some breeders are lucky to break even. And the fact that Yorkies have much smaller litters than larger breeds of dogs (3-4 puppies on average, compared to 6-9 of a breed like Golden Retrievers), they are getting fewer puppies for the same amount of work.

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Check With Your Local Pet Shelters And Rescues


Local pet stores and rescue shelters are the go-to places to get yourself a dog, especially if you are concerned about getting an ethically sourced dog. Here you will find Yorkies that have been abandoned and would not be living their happiest life.

The prominent perk of going to your local shelter for a Yorkie is that you’ll be welcoming a dog into your family and changing its life around. It can be an enriching experience to know that you are bringing happiness, positivity, and belonging into a Yorkie’s life, which possibly may not have had that.

Besides the contentment of having a rescue dog, this route can also be easy and cheap for you. Yorkies are often categorized as the royal dog breeds among other fancy dog types like the Great Pyrenees and Pugs. This means they can make a dent in your wallet. Getting a Yorkie from a breeder can cost anywhere between $1200 and $1500. So your local pet shelter can be an excellent place for you to find a free Yorkie.

However, adopting a Yorkie from the rescue center can come with its unique struggles. First of all, you need to go to a shelter with lowered expectations. Pet shelters are home to pets that have been abandoned and abused, and so there may not be a range of Yorkie types to choose from. You can settle for a Yorkie breed that may not have been your first choice, or you can wait a while until you find the right match. Regardless of which type you choose and how excited you would be about it, we can guarantee that you will grow fond of your furry little friend over time.

Besides not getting the type you originally intended on getting, you should also try to learn about the rocky past that your rescue dog may have. The abuse and abandonment often leave Yorkies anxious, insecure and traumatized. This may lead to more aggressive behaviors, at least initially. But we can assure you that with the right approach and with enough time, your Yorkie will become your best friend.

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Check Facebook Groups for Adoption

senior Yorkie

While shelter camps are an excellent option for finding yourself a free Yorkie, it can be exhausting and time-consuming to make repeat visits to the camp. The visits may clash with your busy schedule, you might miss some opportunities, and the whole ordeal can get prolonged. But just like online shopping for houses makes the search easier for home-buyers, there is an online alternative that can save you time and effort: Facebook groups.

While there are several places on the internet that could direct you to someone who wants to give away a Yorkie, Facebook stands out. You can join groups on Facebook where you can get in direct contact with many people. There’s also a wide range of dog adoption groups, some that vary across breeds and locations while others are more general. With some deep diving, you can even find a specific group that deals with Yorkies.

While Facebook is a convenient stop and brings all the options in one place, there are some limitations. The types of Yorkies you’ll most frequently come across are adult Yorkies that had been abandoned or in need of a new home. However, it isn’t rare to find owners of female Yorkies that just gave birth. These people may be looking for a home for their young Yorkie pups, and you might get your hands on a free Yorkie.

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Write An Email To Breeders To Adopt

Yorkie Puppy

Breeders specialize in breeding, acquiring, and selecting precisely the type of dog you ask from them. They are professionals in the field of dealing with pets. While they are the best place to get the Yorkie type you had in mind, this is by far the most expensive route out there.

Before we dive into the cons associated with getting a pet Yorkie from a breeder, we have to give credit where credit is due: Breeders are good at fulfilling your desires. Especially if you search for unusual and unique Yorkshire Terrier breeds like Parti, Biewer, Golden, and teacup Yorkies, breeders are almost always your only option. These breeds can only be acquired through particular breeding practices and which breeders are familiar with.

In addition to the breed of your choice, you can also choose the age of the Yorkie you’re interested in. Whether you want a cute little puppy or a more mature, playful Yorkie, breeders can be a good source. The Yorkie you end up with will also be healthy and sturdy when you get it from a breeder. Yorkies from other sources can be prone to illnesses if not already suffering from some disease. This is especially true if you’re getting yours from a rescue shelter.

Yorkie Terrier

While breeders can be an excellent source to get a healthy Yorkie and most like the Yorkie you had in mind, there are downsides to going to the breeder.

The first issue is more ethical. When you get a Yorkie from a breeder, you will not get a Yorkie from the shelter that might have a tougher life otherwise. On the other hand, the dog breeding industry only exists because there is a demand by people who don’t want to go for a rescue dog.

The other issue with breeders is the costs attached. Breeders are going to milk you for money if you are getting a rarer dog breed. While the price of getting a unique Yorkie alone is high enough, any overhead costs will be directed towards you. If you get a Yorkie in its “teen” years and not its years as a puppy, which costs more to take care of, you will be charged much more.

Yorkies from breeders often come with docked tails. Docking is a practice where a Yorkie’s tail is cut short at birth. While the act itself has controversial opinions (its legal in the US and Canada while considered illegal and inhumane in the UK), it is regarded as an official characteristic of purebred Yorkies.

Regardless, by knowing the pros and cons of getting a Yorkie from a breeder, you can decide for yourself what you.

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Internet Forums, Advertising Sites, And Other Media Sources

Yorki Poo

The internet is massive, connecting you to millions of people, making it an excellent place for you to stumble upon a sweet deal for a Yorkie. If Facebook isn’t working out for you, don’t give up on the world wide web just yet. With the right navigation and enough research, you can find very resourceful places on the internet for a good Yorkie.

You can start by looking into online discussion forums at There are several niche threads on Reddit where you can reach out to people giving away their Yorkie. You can also find other, more legitimate sources online, like websites of agencies that deal with Yorkies specifically and some about pet animals in general.

Like most things on the internet, you run the risk of encountering outdated or even fake profiles that can be dead ends or straight-up scams. So if you are looking into internet forums, website advertisements, and other sources, you must expect to do a lot of research as well as run into fake leads. The most likely outcome for you is an adult Yorkie with some underlying health issue which you can give a new home and life.

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Beware of Yorkie Scams


Yorkies are beloved and royal breeds. This naturally means that you will run into people who are trying to trick you in your quest to find a Yorkie.

Many people out there, especially on the internet, have solid schemes and strategies to make money off through these shady dealings. If you want to sift out the scam from the legit and not fall prey to all the shady dealers out there, you can familiarize yourself with their tactics.

Here’s a list of some of the common scams you should be aware of:

The Pure Bloodline Scam

Purebred Yorkies are one of the most royal and expensive types out there. Many scammers will try to sell you a “purebred” Yorkie at lower than market rates because of their demand and price.

First of all, be suspicious of any deal that seems too good to be true. You can also tell the difference between a purebred dog and a mutt by the coat. Be wary of any Yorkie branded as Pure that does not have a gold/tan or black/blue coat color pattern.

The Ghost Puppy Scam

Biewer Yorkie

The title of this scam is probably gloomier than the reality, but the reality is still pretty sad because you end up with no Yorkie in this case. This type of fraud is most prevalent on online websites and forums where you don’t get to see the dog physically.

Scammers will “cat-fish” you into making a payment for a dog that doesn’t even exist. They use photos of other dogs to lure you in.

The best way to catch this scam in time is to notice any “generous” bargaining on your dealer’s part. Because these scammers have nothing to lose and don’t plan on giving you anything (besides crushed hopes), any money they make is profit. That means they are more than willing to budge on cash. If your dealer insists that you make an online payment before giving you the Yorkie, then it’s best to get out of there.

Hidden Health Complications

Pretty Little Yorkie Girl

Yorkies often have underlying health conditions that only become apparent down the line once you start living with your Yorkie. These conditions may not have obvious symptoms or indicators, but you can avoid being scammed by putting the Yorkie through health check-ups before you buy it.

Unethical Breeding Scams

The rarity of breeds is a big selling point for a lot of breeders. Unfortunately, greed can be blinding, and our ever-growing desires can lead to breeders using unethical techniques to come up with unique-looking dogs.

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Related Questions on Finding a Free Yorkie and Teacup Yorkie

Why Are Yorkies Expensive?

Yorkies are famously known for many tags, including show dogs, toy breeds, and royal breeds. The hype around Yorkies, their adorable bravery, and their rarity all add up to a pretty hefty price tag that can amount to $1500.

However, when it comes to maintaining your Yorkie with treats, clothing, and healthcare, you can save bucks this holiday season with Click on the banner below to avail your instant cashback offer for their limited offers and free shipping vouchers.

Is Owning A Yorkie Worth It?

Yorkies may be a pricy addition to your family, given their initial and maintenance costs, but we can assure you that you won’t regret a thing. Their friendliness and size make for great family pets, and their long silky coats are to die for.

What Is The Cheapest Dog You Can Buy?

Yorkies come in many different breeds, and you can chance upon some fantastic deals. But if you’re on a budget, you should search for a healthy, mixed breed mutt. You can get one for around $200 to $400, and even for free if you adopt one from a shelter.

Yorkie, and Teacup Yorkie Resources Regarding Cost and Free Yorkies (in the USA and Canada)

We recommend that you don’t shop on Craigslist or buy puppies in a parking lot from a stranger. Whether they offer it for “free” or even for a very low fee, it is almost a guarantee that the puppy (if it even exists) is extremely ill, not a purebred Yorkie, or has physical deformities or disease. Check out these verified websites if you are shopping for a Yorkie:

From an American and Canadian breeder:

USA: The American Kennel Club’s list of certified breeders:

Canada:  The Canadian Kennel Club certified list of breeders

From a rescue group / certified 501-C3 organization:


If you’ve ever heard the phrase “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is,” remember that this goes for adopting dogs as well! If you see something online that just doesn’t seem right: you’re probably correct.  So if you’re in the market for a less expensive Yorkie, follow the mantra, “adopt—don’t shop!”