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Your dog can be very well trained to behave appropriately in public, but there can always be scenarios that will end up triggering your dog.

In such cases, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that is why having a leash on your dog is necessary. Now comes the question of which one to choose, a traditional collar or a dog harness.

Several types of research show collars to be harmful to a dog, as when they pull on the leash, it hurts their neck and trachea. To avoid this, a harness is recommended.

A harness also has other benefits, like it provides you better control over your dog and is very useful if you are training a puppy how to walk.

Here we will provide you with a comparison between a harness and a collar and which one you should get for your four-legged friend.

How Is a Dog Harness Better Than a Regular Collar?

No matter how well he is trained, your dog can sometimes get out of control in public for many different reasons. For example, dogs usually tug on their leash when they don’t like something happening, sometimes hurting themselves in the process. So, using a dog harness is a lot better than the conventional collar, and some of the specific reasons are as follows.

Reduces Pulling 

Collars put a lot of stress on a dog’s neck and can lead to uneasiness. In comparison, a dog harness covers the chest, back, and shoulders of a dog and evenly dissipates pressure over the entire area.

This will also provide you with better control over your dog without hurting them in any way.

In addition, a no-pull harness can be used to provide a pull only when the dog goes out of control. Also, these reduced pulls help the dog to walk beside its owner.

Do Not Put Pressure on the Neck 

There is no unnecessary pressure on your dog’s neck when a collar is used. In addition, since more than one point connects the leash to the harness, the tug does not pressurize the trachea.

This is why dog harnesses are best for puppies and dogs suffering from neck problems. Using a harness from an early age will never cause any body pains.

More Secure 

Harnesses are better when it comes to adverse scenarios that trigger a dog. It is a better way of controlling angry dogs without hurting them.

Since a harness wraps around the entire body, you can control the whole movement of your dog just by one pull on the leash. Dogs can also manage to slip out of collars if they are not tied too tightly and can go into the traffic or can get lost on their own.


As we can see, a dog harness has many benefits and should be used in place of a traditional collar. It provides you with more control while being comfortable for the dog.


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