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It is virtually impossible to keep out burglars whose main intentions are to break into your home unless it is turned into a fortress. They often need only a hammer or rock to break the glasses and gain entry into your house. Some even use mini battery-powered grinders to cut the bars on the windows.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can use to make it more complicated for burglars to break into your home premises. Other people use natural methods such as protection dogs and live fences. However, there are other technological methods from which you can choose the most effective way to secure your home.

1.  Installation of an Alarm System

If possible, install an alarm in your home. This method often works effectively for smart homes with a good internet connection between the technology devices required. However, one can also get creative enough and fix fake boxes to the walls, especially solar-powered ones. The boxes should have some form of flashlights to help determine if they are working.

Despite their inability to keep out burglars, the security system can help as a deterrent. Installing and maintaining the alarm system to an appropriate standard qualifies you for discounted insurance on your home.

2.  Fitting Secure Locks

You can choose to install the mortice locks on your door. Furthermore, the wooden doors are often generally fitted, by default, by the “Yale” type of lock. The lock works in such a way that the key, turned on the outside or an inside knob, retracts a bolt from the keeper. The keeper is often screwed to the jamb of the door. The door jamb, in a nutshell, is the vertical portion of the door frame that aligns vertically parallel to the wall.

Using doors with such locks does not offer enough security as the keeper is always held only by two screws. Therefore, it is advisable to use mortice locks for more protection. When mortice locks are locked, the lock’s bolt projects and enters a hole or slot drilled into the door jamb. Opening the lock requires only a key, so it isn’t easy to open the door by breaking a glass panel and turning the handle.

It is also advisable to fit locks on the windows, especially those that cannot be locked. Different types of locks are available depending on whether you use the sash type or casement type of windows.

3.  The use of light

Lighting up everything within the house or home is essential. An appropriate way to do this is by fitting bulbs in the indoor lamps whose operations are set to switch automatically with time or can randomly turn on.

Another lighting method is fitting the PIR-operated floodlighting system. This lighting system works by turning on the lights upon detecting body heat, especially around the outside environment of the house. Light often scares away potential burglars as they do not want to be lit up when they intend to break into homes.


Home security systems protect homes against burglars that may break into homes and rob every property. You can choose to implement natural ways of securing your home, such as erecting fences or using technological methods, such as installing automatic lighting systems, fitting secure locks, and installing alarm systems.