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Lovely, adorable, and high-spirited is the Yorkshire Terrier. You simply love their looks and how friendly and calm they can be with your kids. Are you considering owning one? But you are worried about him shedding all over the place? Don’t worry; in this article, you will learn all about Yorkie shedding, Yorkie allergies, Yorkie brush, and why you should get one today.

Why Do People Love Yorkies?

Short Haired Yorkie

Why won’t anyone love this adorable creature? – its striking looks, charming eyes, and most especially the beauty of its hair are among its most appealing features. One primary reason why the Yorkie became a good companion is due to its small nature; though playful, they can be very well-behaved, so you don’t need to worry about any public disgrace.

Back in the 19th century, Yorkies were mainly considered to be rat-chasing dogs, not until they began to attract the aristocracy’s love and then became a pet for the elites of the society. A lot of people also love them because, unlike other hair-shedding dogs, Yorkie are light shedders.

Do Yorkies Shed?

Yorkie Shedding

Among Dog lovers are the all-important question ‘do Yorkie shed?’ or “does Yorkie shed hair?” Well, the one-word answer to this question is ‘Yes.’ This is natural in all hairy animals; one way or the other, old and decayed hairs would surely be replaced with new ones.

Unlike other dog breeds, Yorkies are light shedders, which means that they won’t leave very evident traces all over the house unless they have a medical condition (in such cases, your vet should be contacted).

During grooming or brushing is the usual time when you will notice your Yorkie shedding.

Yorkies Have Hair, Not Fur

Yorkies are unique in a lot of aspects; unlike other dogs, Yorkies do not have fur; instead, they have hair; yes, you read right, just like humans.

If you gently have a feel of your Yorkie’s body, you will notice that it feels different. Fur has a double coat layer, whereas hair has a single coat layer; this is what is responsible for its difference in textures and the rate of shedding.

The hair on your Yorkie is curly and smooth, which adds extra beauty to this adorable creature.

Slow Shedding Rate

Though Yorkshire Terriers are considered very light-shedding dogs, they still have a shedding circle that is quite slower than their other compatriots.

Getting a Coat Change

Do Yorkies Shed

Just like other puppies, Yorkie puppies also get a change of coat at some point in time. When this happens, they shed off their baby coats and get an entirely new ones.

At about 4-6 months old, this usually happens; if that is not the case for yours, then don’t panic; it will eventually occur when their hair coat is fully mature.

Does This Mean That Yorkies Are Hypoallergenic?

Yorkies are also considered hypoallergenic dog breeds, though this is not entirely true. You should know that there is no dog out there that is totally hypoallergenic, but Yorkies are less likely to cause allergic reactions to those with dog allergies.

Allergic reactions are mainly triggered by the saliva and dander of a dog, so this means that Yorkies can also cause a bit of discomfort.

Top Reasons Why Yorkies May Shed Excessively

If you notice that your Yorkies are shedding excessively, then there are some underlying reasons which you need to pay attention to.

A Poor Diet

Yorkie shedding

After your Yorkie develops its adult coat, then its shedding should be minimal. If you notice that there is excessive shedding even at this stage, then you should pay close attention to your dog’s diet.

Though Yorkies, just like other Dogs, are carnivorous, that doesn’t imply that you should feed it only meat. Specialists advise that Yorkies be provided with up to 6 basic nutrients: Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, and water.

So, you see that a lot of your Yorkie products may not provide up to the required nutrient level, and this will cause malnutrition and ultimately excessive shedding. Ensure that the product contains the needed nutrients and not fillers.

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Skin Allergies

Don’t fret! So many Yorkies easily contact skin allergies; once this happens, they will rapidly shed off hairs. These allergies can happen for various reasons, such as dust mites, fleas, or even regular lawn grasses.

If you notice this excessive shedding in your Yorkie, then it’s best to contact your vet and carry out an allergy test; this would help you point out what exactly causes the skin allergies, and then you can easily tackle it.

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Neurogenic Dermatitis

Yorkies have sensitive skin, and when they are in pain or are stressed, they often lick their coats excessively, which is one of the causes of Neurogenic Dermatitis. Once this happens, it can cause skin irritations and also damage their follicle (a small, secretive cavity on their skin); all these will ultimately lead to excessive shedding of their coats.

The Best Way to Take Care of a Yorkie’s Coat

Yorkie puppy

Just like humans, Yorkies have a similar hair structure and require needed yet straightforward steps to ensure they look their best. If your goal is to take care of your Yorkie’s coat, then you will have to do it daily.

This process involves three necessary steps, which include: bathing your Yorkie, brushing off its coat, and trimming it to the best look.


Depending on your Yorkie’s activities, their bathing plan shouldn’t be burdensome. If you regularly take Him with you when you go out, then once every week would be an ideal routine for Him.

If your Yorkie is more like your personal indoor buddy, then you can schedule a once-every-month bathing routine, and that should keep him looking kinky.

When bathing your Yorkie, it’s crucial that you make use of an all-natural shampoo; this can give him a clean bath and preserve His skin.

Also, note that when you bathe your Yorkie too often, it can have adverse effects on its coat, such as reducing its natural oil and exposing Him to a skin infection.

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One of the most effective methods to ensure that your Yorkie’s hair remains sleek and curly is to brush them every day. When this is done, you are sure to eliminate any debris, dirt, or grass lurking in his hair, mostly if your Yorkie spends a lot of time outdoors.

Brushing it daily helps to prevent skin allergies and also helps to get rid of hairs that have been shed earlier; this is important because if left unremoved, it can become tangled and lead to a painful matting process.

You may ask what the best Yorkie Hairbrush is. Well, in our experience, slicker brushes tend to do more detailed jobs because of their thin and long bristles.

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Trimming your Yorkie’s coat is also essential. Well, if you choose to trim it short, then you won’t need to worry as much as you would if you choose to leave the traditional full coat.

Ensure that you use a good set of grooming clippers, and you can conveniently trim it every 6-8 weeks.

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Final Thoughts on Yorkie Shedding

Light shedding in Yorkshire Terriers is natural, but if it gets excessive, then it is usually a sign of some underlying conditions, and you should contact your vet and get him examined.

Caring for your Yorkie won’t be burdensome as other dog breeds if you understand how it’s done. You will be glad to have this lovely pet in your home as you stare at his lovely little eyes and gorgeous-looking skin.