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Yorkshire Terriers are known for their characteristic long and often silky hair. But as a Yorkie owner or generally a dog enthusiast, you may be familiar with all the other ways Yorkies stand out of the pack. Besides their beautiful coats, Yorkshire Terriers are also known for how active they are in their size.

There’s much to learn about Yorkies, from their unique behavior quirks to their health concerns. Whether your Yorkie barks a lot or puppy whines for favors, there are ways to work around these behaviors. It’s essential to understand your Yorkie’s temperament and behavior to deal with them appropriately.

Are All Yorkies Yappy? 

Happy Yorkie

Yorkies may be tiny, but don’t take their size to mean passive and docile personalities. If you’re looking for a calm and casual dog breed, Yorkies may not be for you. It is incredible how much energy these playful creatures can have, but that also means they have some strong character traits.


Yorkshire Terriers are notorious for their persistent and shrill barking. This characteristic is a result of their innate instinct for being territorial. Barking is their way for Yorkies to protect and guard the house, so they are quick to show aggression at the sight of an intruder.

We can understand that this habit may become annoying and disruptive at times, but you can take measures to reduce unnecessary barking.

One of these ways is through desensitization training. The idea is to get your dog used to the things that are making it bark. Identify one of the dog’s common triggers, such as a doorbell or cutlery-dropping sounds, and repeat those sounds at random a few times a day. Whenever your dog barks, command them to sit. This way, you can normalize your Yorkie to these disturbances.

Playful & energetic

Don’t let their size fool you into underestimating how active these dogs are. Much like with toddlers, you must be prepared to play with your Yorkie. Running around is their way of releasing all that pent-up energy.


Once again, a Yorkie’s size can be misleading. These dogs can be surprisingly brave when it comes to facing off bigger opponents. Whenever a Yorkie perceives something as a threat or senses an intruder, it doesn’t shy away from showing aggression. This also means you wouldn’t want to take it for a walk without a leash.

Is A Yorkie A Good Family Dog?

YorkieWhen deciding whether to keep a pet dog, people with families, especially parents of newborn babies or toddlers, are understandably concerned. But when it comes to Yorkies, they are as safe and harmless as they look as long as they are handled well. Family and affection are precisely what these tiny creatures want. If you make them feel like they are part of the family and have a safe place among you, you can expect loads of licks and cuddles.

Yorkies need to be handled responsibly, which may not make them the best fit for toddlers and younger children looking for a play toy. Yorkies are quick to get defensive at the slightest hint of danger. But if your children are mature enough to understand this, there is nothing to be worried about.

While they have a loving nature, there are things you need to be mindful of to keep their temperament and behavior in check. One of the things nearly dog owners, no matter the breed of dog, struggle with is holding back from showering their canine buddies with love. For a dog to settle in with the family and not have uncontrollable outbursts of energy and behavior issues, it’s crucial to establish yourself as the one in control.

One of the ways you can do this is by setting up a schedule. Their sleeping schedule, at least the time they wake up, should align with yours. Keeping strict and consistent feeding patterns is also an excellent way to establish your position as the owner.

Do Yorkies Like To Be Held?

Yorkies being held

Yes, absolutely! While Yorkies tend to be defensive and territorial, they are open to hugs and kisses once they are able to trust you. Their silky and smooth coat also makes it irresistible to hold and cuddle them all the time.

While Yorkies are very affectionate and cuddly, they are interestingly also known as “one-person dogs.” This means that unlike some dog breeds, which get along with many people in a household and are “family dogs,” Yorkshire Terriers stick by single individuals. Your Yorkie may share your “best friend” title with some other people or pet animals, but you are likely the only Best friend for your Yorkie. They do, however, quickly warm up to people around you.

There are ways to build a strong bond with your Yorkie in case you haven’t reached that point in your friends yet. Like in any friendship, doing an activity together is one of the best ways to bond. You can take training classes with your dog, which can also be an excellent way for your Yorkie to socialize with other dogs at the classes. Another more convenient way is to take your Yorkie out for walks every day. This is particularly good because it can also account for your dog’s required exercise period (a Yorkie requires around 20 minutes of exercise a day).

What Makes Yorkies Happy? Pampering A Yorkie In The House

While it is important to maintain eating and sleeping schedules with some strictness, it’s OK to pamper your Yorkie and balance it with some grooming.


Yorkie Grooming

While a Yorkie’s hair is a major selling point, it can grow to great lengths.

While the rate varies by diet and health, an average Yorkie grows its coat at a rate of ¼ to ½ inch a month.

So you might want to occasionally groom your Yorkie to reveal your tiny friend hidden under layers of shiny hair.



While it is true that Yorkies are energetic, playful, and very fond of affection, this does come at the cost of them wanting constant attention. You may even want to make space for them in bed because they aren’t fond of being left alone.

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Why Do Yorkies Shake? Health Concerns of a Yorkie You Should be Aware Of

Do you find your Yorkie shaking or shivering? It’s understandable to be worried by these symptoms, but understanding the cause can go a long way in keeping you calm and your Yorkie healthy.


Yorkshire Terriers have hair similar to humans, and unlike other dog species, they don’t have an undercoat. While this luscious hair coat is unmatched, this leaves Yorkies vulnerable to the cold. So when your Yorkie is wet from a bath or the weather is cold, it’s nothing to worry about.

Separation Anxiety

Yorkies are also sensitive when it comes to their owners. There are often cases of Yorkies being diagnosed with separation anxiety if they’ve been away from familiar faces for too long. The intense emotions they experience can be the cause of shaking.

Yorkie ColorsHypoglycemia

Another reason for shaking could be Hypoglycemia, caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. This condition is common in Yorkies, especially from the time of their birth to the time they turn four months old.

A variety of reasons can cause Hypoglycemia. Some of the more common ones are stressful situations, a deficiency in specific nutrients when your dog is overly active in intervals between meals, or even when it exerts itself vigorously on an empty stomach.

Other common symptoms of Hypoglycemia include seizures, drowsiness, and fatigue. However, if your Yorkie is showing other unusual symptoms like vomiting, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Because your dog is low on sugar, the first thing you should do is give it something with a high concentration of sugar. Pancake syrup or honey can work just fine.

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Related Questions Related to Yorkie Behavior and Temperament

How Do You Punish A Yorkie?

Yorkies are one of the more aggressive breeds out there. Hence it’s no surprise that training destructive behaviors out them can be more complicated than you could anticipate. When it comes to punishments, you need to be mindful of how you’re handling a bad situation because Yorkies could be pretty stubborn.

There are several effective ways to punish your Yorkie for undesirable traits. One of these ways is social isolation. As we mentioned before, Yorkies thrive off of attention. So an effective way to punish them is to take away the thing they love the most. By ignoring them for a while especially pretending to be unfazed by their attitude, you can show them your disapproval.

How Often Should I Walk My Yorkie?

Walk my Yorkie

There are several things to take note of when walking your Yorkie. Here are some you should be mindful of:

  • Don’t walk your Yorkie on cold or damp days as they are prone to the cold.
  • Walk at a moderate to a brisk pace, but make sure your dog isn’t running out of breath
  • Walk regularly for 15 to 20 minutes. However, an older Yorkie (Adults over two years of age) can manage a 20-25 minute walk

How Smart Are Yorkies?

Yorkies fall on the more intelligent end of the spectrum among dog breeds. When ranking intelligence in a dog’s ability to follow orders, also known as “working intelligence,” Business Insider puts Yorkshire Terriers at 33/141. So it’s relatively easy to teach your Yorkie to follow orders.

Having a pet Yorkie comes with its own set of responsibilities and worries. It can be useful and exciting to learn more about your furry best friend’s personality and temperament.