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Treatment of Muscle Conditions in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    March 19, 2015

Yorkies training

Yorkies trainingThere are health conditions in Yorkies that are similar to those ones that people have. And among them, any dog owner may face back or neck pain in dogs. There are a lot of ways to prevent the conditions but the most popular disorder is associated with health problems related to movements caused by muscle degeneration.

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What to do When Yorkie Pregnant

    Preventive Care    February 23, 2015

Yorkie Pregnant

It is rather exciting to learn that your Yorkie is pregnant but there is a lot of things to take care about and there is a lot of information you need to learn. An owner of any Yorkie needs to know the signs of pregnancy and extra care should be provided immediately. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to have puppies or not. Having your Yorkie sprayed is crucially important, if your Yorkie is not ready to have puppies.

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Allergies in Yorkies and what Triggers Them

    Preventive Care    February 6, 2015

Prevent yorkie allergies

A lot of dogs suffer from allergies or experience allergenic reactions and your Yorkie may not be an exception. Dog breeders consider that about 30 percent of all dogs have a certain type of allergy. The triggers may be numerous but experts differentiate three types of them that include contact, inhaled and ingested ones.

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How Often Should You Bathe your Yorkie

    Preventive Care    January 22, 2015

How many tines to bathe my dog

Bathing is an important procedure for all Yorkies. First of all, grooming depends on how often you bathe your Yorkie. All Yorkies are individual and you need to analyze the situation with your dog and you need to determine how often you should bathe your pet. There are no strict rules concerning bathing and personalization of bathing schedule will be needed as well. This factor depends on the hair style and skin type of your Yorkie.

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Joint Problems in Yorkshire Terriers

    Preventive Care    January 10, 2015

Yorkshire Terriers Joints

Aging is a process that affects not only humans but Yorkshire Terriers as well. Active life and a lot of movements can lead to a number of joints problems. Kidneys can also turn less effective and at the same time dogs can have a lot of problems with coat and skin.

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Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers and Treatment

    Preventive Care    November 28, 2014

Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers

Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers is not a rare disease and there are certain factors such as age and lifestyle that can contribute to the development of this disease. Most of Yorkies get sick with this disease in their middle age. At the same time, female Yorkies have a higher risk of developing diabetes but vets consider that one of the contributing factors is  genetics.

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Most Frequent Health Conditions in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    November 28, 2014

Health Conditions in Yorkies

Any Yorkshire Terrier can be rather healthy for a long time but, of course, each dog is individual and can have certain health problems. If you know possible diseases of Yorkshire Terriers, you can use the right treatment and prevent any health condition. In most cases, these health conditions can be treated successfully.

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Preventing Tear Stains if You Have Yorkshire Terrier

    Preventive Care    October 27, 2014

Yorkshire terriers

Yorkshire terriers are known for tearing from their eyes that will make them unattractive. The tear stains will also make the dog uncomfortable. That’s why an owner of a Yorkie must do one’s best to minimize the stains and make the dog feel better and at the same time look good. If the Yorkshire terrier is tearing up too much, the damp hair under the eyes becomes susceptible to bacterial growth and yeast infections. The dampness will lead to reddish-brown stains.

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How to Determine if Yorkshire Terrier is Pregnant

    Preventive Care    September 23, 2014

Newborn Yorkshire Terrier

If you don’t want to breed a female Yorkshire terrier, then it is best to spay her. But if you are going to breed the dog then you should keep in mind that the Yorkie can get pregnant the first time she mates with a stud. There are indicators to check whether your Yorkshire terrier is pregnant.

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Ways to Make Yorkshire Terrier’s Hair Shiny

    Preventive Care    September 3, 2014

Yorkshire Terrier Shiny

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are small breed dogs. They are energetic, affectionate and adventurous. They are loving companions as well. If you own a Yorkshire terrier then you should be prepared to regularly groom it. The breed doesn’t shed its hair but it requires brushing and combing to keep the coat looking good and healthy. When the Yorkie has no skin problems, it will have a soft and shiny coat.

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