Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers and Treatment

Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers
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Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers is not a rare disease and there are certain factors such as age and lifestyle that can contribute to the development of this disease. Most of Yorkies get sick with this disease in their middle age. At the same time, female Yorkies have a higher risk of developing diabetes but vets consider that one of the contributing factors is  genetics.

They state that there are genetic markers that can show which of the breeds can be more predisposed to this disease. Yorkies can be related to the breeds that have a higher risk of becoming diabetic. Diabetes is considered a chronic endocrine disease which causes an inability to produce insulin. Insulin is one of the crucial components  used to metabolize sugar.

If you do not understand that your Yorkie is suffering from diabetes, you need to pay attention to symptoms such as frequent urination, blindness and weight loss.Diabetes in Yorkshire Terriers


Besides, they can lose consciousness which is a severe sign of diabetes and medical attention is required immediately. Insulin injections is the main treatment of diabetes in Yorkies. To control blood sugar levels, daily shots are a needed. Your vet will guide you on the dosage and frequency on how many shots your dog can receive. You also need to check glucose levels at home on a regular basis.

But at the same time diabetes will not affect each of Yorkies and it does not mean that your Yorkie will be suffering for all the life. You need to take all the possible precisions to minimize the chances of this chronic disease. You need to prevent your Yorkie from gaining weight as it provides additional stress to inner body parts. That is why excising and lifestyle should become priority number one for all family members.

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