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Watch out for the Weight of Your Yorkie

    Preventive Care    September 1, 2015

Your Yorkie

There are certain health conditions that are typical to small or toy breeds such as Teacup Yorkies. A lot of these health conditions are not really life threatening but may cause a lot of difficulties if left untreated for a long time. There are not so many diseases a Yorkie can get sick with but most of these diseases are also possible in dogs of other breeds.

The greatest thing you can do about the health conditions of your pet is to get information on the signs of the most typical health disorders of Yorkies. Besides, visiting a vet once a year is obligatory if you are going to become a dog owner. These are the ways to manage all the health conditions of Yorkies successfully. Bear in mind that early treatment of a health condition is the most effective and will prevent any serious aggravations.

Your Yorkie

It is better to turn all the health checks of your Yorkies and visits to a vet into a habit and it will not be so tiresome for you with time. Health checks are really crucial if you want to have an energetic Yorkie and some of them need to be performed every day. Once a month, you need to learn the weight of your Yorkie and prevention of additional weight gain is number one concern.

Overweight dogs have more risks of getting serious health conditions and monitoring weight of your Yorkie should be performed on a regular basis.

If there are signs that your dog is gaining weight, you need to reduce the amount of food taken at a time and to increase exercise. Excluding any chance to consume table scraps is the best way to reduce a calorie intake for your pet. Increase time spent on daily exercises and monitor any changes in stamina and fitness level of your dog.

Photo by Chelsearock [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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