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Dogs are the most adorable pets one can adopt. These furry beasts are always hungry for affection and it feels like a cute toddler is running around your house. Like children, you’ll have to groom your puppies.

One of the highest maintained dogs is Yorkie puppies. The worst part is they tend to throw tantrums when it comes to grooming. Try trimming their nails and you’ll find out for yourself. The same is the case with eyelashes.

If you’re going through the struggles of maintaining your Yorkie’s eyelashes you’re not alone. You’re probably wondering do dogs have eyelashes? If they do; what length should they be,  should you trim a dog’s eyelashes?

Let’s find out all our answers.

Do Dogs Have Eyelashes & Can I Cut Them?

Yorkshire Terrier Eyelashes

Almost all dogs have eyelashes. If your dog isn’t bothered by their lashes and the lashes make them even more adorable, you’re all good. But if your dog is having trouble seeing or is irritated by them, long or short, trimming eyelashes is a must.

Yorkies are dog breeds that are able to grow hair the fastest. Even their coats are luscious, long, and thick. It’s only natural that their lashes are longer as well.

So, let’s go over the basics of eyelash grooming for your puppy.

Do Dogs Have Eyelashes?

Well, all mammals have eyelashes. Dogs are mammals too, so your precious puppy will have eyelashes. Usually, their eyelashes add to the cuteness of your little pup. But sometimes they tend to get long.

If your dog has lashes that are far too long it might have trouble seeing. This will make your adorable little boy irritable and it might be more irritable than usual. The discomfort may even cause your dog to stop eating. Now, this is where you really need to worry.

So yes, dog eyelash problems are very real.

Can I Cut my Dog’s Eyelashes?

Now that we’ve established that dogs indeed have eyelashes. The next order of business is to figure out, can you cut your eyelashes?

The answer is yes.

This is by no means an easy task. Because your dog will not cooperate. Just imagine going near a toddler’s face with scissors. You won’t be getting far. Expect the dam from your baby pup and brace for a tantrum.

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Is it Safe to Cut Your Dog’s Eyelashes?

If you’re wondering, should I trim my dog’s eyelashes? Then yes, you absolutely should. But is it even safe? Can you even do it without hurting your dog? 

Well, it does need some practice and you need to make sure your dog isn’t fidgeting too much. But if you keep a steady hand you can keep your dog’s lashes short. Even though eyelash grooming is a tough task when doing it for dogs you can safely accomplish it.

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Is It Okay to Leave Eyelashes Uncut?

If you’re intimidated by cutting your dog’s eyelashes. Or you’re wondering do eyelashes grow back if you cut them? Then you might just feel like not cutting them at all.

The truth is that it is absolutely fine even if you decide on leaving your dog’s eyelashes alone. Most dogs don’t grow lashes long enough to bother them.

As long as you don’t see your dog struggling with long lashes you don’t need to worry about your dog’s eyelash grooming.

Reasons Why You Need to Cut Your Dog’s Eyelashes

Yorkie Hair Around The Eyes

The biggest reason why lashes for dogs are not a good idea is because of the health complications that come with them.

The biggest problem you’ll notice is that your dog will start to have trouble with its vision. It might get frustrating, stop eating or even bump into things. All of these problems will make your life as a dog parent harder.

It’s not just the inconvenience you need to worry about. Long eyelashes could mean your dog has a disease. Unnatural eyelashes are signs of distichiasis, ectopia cilia, and trichiasis. Make sure you get your little one to a vet to rule out diseases and avoid any complications.

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Will The Dog’s Eyelashes Come Back?

Whenever you trim your dog’s eyelashes it will be able to grow them back in a while. It might take around 5-6 weeks or even longer. Your dog will be able to grow back its eyelashes just like its fur coat.

Eyelashes are very important for dogs. They are the UV filters for their eyes and remove dust and debris. So you should keep an eye out if your dog isn’t able to grow its eyelashes back.

Steps to Follow While Cutting or Trimming Your Dog’s Eyelashes

When it comes to dogs trimming eyelashes is not the easiest chore for their parents. But you’re in luck. We’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of cutting your dog’s eyelashes at home.

Get a comb and some scissors and follow these steps carefully and your dog will have perfect hassle-free lashes.

1. Hold Your Dog In Its Place

If your dog is small enough to fit in your lap then firmly hold your pup in your lap. Wrap an arm around the head to limit the range of motion. This way the chances of injury will be non-existent.

If you have a bigger dog then harnessing the head will be the best approach to protect your pup from getting hurt.

2. Separate the Eyelashes For a Clear View

The next step is to get yourself a wet and soft cloth or tissue. Gently wipe all the dry debris from your eyelashes. This will make sure you’re not juggling with sticky and clumpy lashes.

Next up get yourself a comb and gently comb away. Now you have yourself neat, separated eyelashes ready to be trimmed.

3. Have a Proper Angle

By this point, your dog has clean lashes and you can finally get to the eyelash grooming.

Before you get your scissors out make sure you’re in the right position. Make sure you’re facing your puppy and have a clear view of the lashes. You need to be able to clearly see where you are using your scissors.

4. Continue the Same Process With Other Eye

Now that you have one eye out of the way, change your position towards the other eye.

Now wipe away and comb until you’re ready to trim again. Start trimming just like before until you’re happy with the results.

5. Finish Up Swiftly

Dogs are hyperactive creatures, to begin with. When you bring objects closer to their eyes they tend to move around a lot. Whenever you try to cut your dog’s eyelashes make sure your position is correct and work carefully but swiftly.

The quicker you can get the job done your dog will stay patient and you don’t have to worry too much about injuries.

Still, it is best to remove all sharp objects away from your dog the moment it starts fidgeting.

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Dog Breeds with Long Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the most adorable features of puppies. They make your puppy’s eyes look bigger and brighter. Plus lashes serve many important functions for the dog. Your puppy has its own in-built UV filtration system thanks to those luscious eyelashes. Plus all that pesky dust and debris tends to stay out.

Most dogs however have rather short eyelashes. Some dog breeds on the other hand have longer lashes, so you’ll be working longer on trimming eyelashes for these pups. The top three dog breeds with the longest eyelashes are these:

  1. Lhasa Apso
  2. Old English Sheep Dog
  3. Cocker Spaniel

Dog Eyelash Disorders

Even though puppies with longer lashes are cuter. Long eyelashes aren’t always a good sign. Some dogs have diseases that lead to these longer lashes.


For example, trichiasis. The direction of the eyelashes is abnormal. Visible growth towards the eye is a common symptom that will be the cause of redness and irritation of your dog’s eyes.

All these problems can be avoided by regular eye exams at the vet. Make sure you visit a doctor regularly to spot any abnormalities as soon as possible.


Your dog will feel discomfort if it suffers from trichiasis. Watery, red, and irritated eyes are common. You can expect your dog to be extremely irritable because they keep feeling as if something is in its eye.

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Another condition that causes abnormal eyelash growth is distichiasis. It is a hereditary disorder some dogs might have. There is an extra row of eyelashes that grows inwards. It gets in the eyes and your puppy might experience blurred vision, red, watery, and irritable eyes.


The symptoms of diastasis are similar to trichiasis and typically include photosensitivity, conjunctivitis, irritation, droopy and red eyes.

Ectopia cilia

The third most common disease with symptoms of problematic eyelashes in dogs is ectopia cilia. This is very common in the canine population and dogs tend to inherit it. In this condition, you will see eyelashes growing inside the eyelids of your dog, typically from the oil glands within the eyelids.


Dogs with ectopia cilia get depressed and agitated. Your puppy might even get aggressive because of the irritation. There might be a lot of whining and rubbing the face with this one. Dogs keep bumping into stuff and have abnormal blinking along with tearing up and redness of the eyes.

Do Dogs Have Eyebrows?

Technically speaking, some dogs might have eyebrows. But this is more of a debate. Eyebrows on dogs aren’t distinguishable. You’ll notice a thicker coat of fur, much like a ridge where eyebrows would be.

Some dogs have eyebrows that are more prominent. Pugs and boxers fall into this category.

Dog breeds with eyebrow markings

Although distinguishable eyebrows are uncommon in dogs, you might be able to see eyebrow markings on your pup. These markings are characteristic of Rottweilers and Dobermans.

This is an ancient trait that the ancestors of dogs had to improve hunting. Other dogs are better able to read their eyebrow signals and act accordingly. Even though your little pet doesn’t need this feature anymore it is still amazing to see how much of their DNA hasn’t changed.

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Final Thoughts

Dogs are intelligent, loyal, and loving pets. They adore their masters. It is important you take good care of your companions and give them love and affection. These guys get depressed if all their love isn’t reciprocated.

Finally, keeping your dog well-groomed is a rather easy task. You can keep your pup happy and healthy by eyelash grooming. Now, you know all there is to know about dog eyelash problems and how to solve them.

Take good care of your puppy and you will definitely have a healthy happy friend and a loyal companion.