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Imagine the excitement of bringing home a tiny ball of fur – a newborn Yorkie or Teacup Yorkie puppy. It’s like adding a pocket-sized burst of joy to your life! This guide is your roadmap to navigating the adorable challenges and making sure that the well-being of your petite companions in their early weeks.

As we get to the bottom of the secrets, you’ll learn how to not only keep them physically healthy but also create an environment where their playful antics can flourish. From their first playful yips to the heart-melting moments of exploration, join us on a journey that covers everything from Newborn Yorkie care to Teacup Yorkie puppy shenanigans. We’ll explore the art of Puppy-proofing your space, the symphony of Balanced nutrition, and the delightful world of Puppy health.

Before we jump into our in-depth article on caring for newborn Yorkie and Teacup Yorkie puppies, join us in this special YouTube video from Little Paws Training. We’ve got some quick tips to share, giving you a sneak peek into the adorable world of tiny paws. So, grab a snack, get comfy, and let’s explore puppy care together in this video brought to you by Little Paws Training.

Ready for a guide that’s as fun as having a Yorkie by your side? Let’s begin and discover the wonders of Yorkie companionship together!

Week 1: Nurturing Your Newborn Yorkie

Welcome to the enchanting early weeks of your time with a newborn Yorkie. These initial days are like the opening chapters of a delightful story where every gram and each passing day play a role in your pup’s growth.

Weight Watch: The First Chapter

The first week with your newborn Yorkie is like opening a captivating storybook. Each tiny pup, a character with a tale of growth and well-being.

On day one, expect a 2 to 20-gram increase – a promising start. Keep an eagle eye for any slight changes, as these little gains tell a significant story of health. By day 10, brace yourself for the delightful news – their birth weight doubles, a clear sign that their story is off to a healthy and happy beginning.

As you cradle these miniature marvels, remember, you are not just a caretaker; you are the storyteller of their journey. Each gram is a triumph, each day a new page in their adventure to a robust and joyous life. Let’s script this narrative together!

Nutritional Essentials for the Nursing Dam

Now, let’s look into the nutritional spotlight on the amazing nursing dam, the unsung hero caring for our newborn Yorkies.

Imagine the nursing dam as the conductor of a vital symphony. Her diet is the melody, a crucial part of orchestrating a healthy milk supply. It’s not just about food; it’s about creating a nutritional masterpiece that sets the stage for the puppies’ early development.

Think of her diet as the top-notch instrument she needs. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is not just beneficial; it’s a must. It keeps her energized, supports milk production, and ensures she stays healthy for her growing pups.

Fresh water completes this symphony. It’s the key to keeping her hydrated, ensuring a robust milk supply. A well-hydrated dam is a healthy dam, ready to provide the essential nourishment for the puppies’ thriving journey.

Whelping Box Care

Now, let’s peek into the magical world of the whelping box during the first 3 to 4 weeks of caring for our newborn Yorkies.

Imagine the whelping box as a cozy haven where the mom, our guardian angel, takes care of her tiny charges. During this time, she’s the main caretaker, orchestrating a beautiful dance of feeding and cleaning rituals. It’s a magical performance where each pup gets the attention it needs.

Take a moment to watch this ballet of motherhood. With gentle nudges and tender licks, the mom cares for her furry brood. It’s a heartwarming show of love and attention, a crucial chapter in the early development of our Yorkies.

Sometimes, a pup may need a bit of extra care away from the lively litter. In these moments, consider giving them short breaks for exclusive nursing time. It’s a thoughtful move, ensuring every pup gets the nourishment it requires, even if it’s just a brief solo act.

Early Stimulation and Deworming (3 Weeks)

Now, let’s talk about the exciting third week of our Yorkie pups and what we can do to keep the joy alive.

At 3 weeks, our little buddies are ready for playtime! Imagine tiny toys entering the scene, bringing smiles and sparking the curiosity of our furry friends. It’s not just about fun; it’s a crucial phase where they start exploring the world around them through gentle play.

Also, it’s time for the first deworming session. Before we dive into this, make sure to check with your vet for the green light. They’ll guide you based on your pup’s weight and health. Deworming is like a superhero shield, keeping those little tummies happy and healthy.

Toy Yorkie

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Weeks 4-5: Transition and Early Development

Entering Weeks 4-5 with your Yorkie pups is like unlocking a new chapter filled with growth and joy. It’s the phase where they begin to explore the world, transitioning from milk to solid food and engaging in lively play.

Weaning Process – Nurturing Independence:

As we step into weeks 4-5, our Yorkie pups are ready for another significant milestone – the weaning process. Picture this phase as the gentle transition from milk to solid food, marking the beginning of their culinary adventure.

Around 4 weeks, initiate the gradual shift to solid food. This delicate process requires patience and attention to their cues. It’s like introducing them to a new world of flavors and textures.

Many breeders, like wise mentors, commence house training during this period. While our little ones might not be ready for the great outdoors, pee pads or newspapers become their first lesson in proper potty etiquette. It’s a clever start to instill good habits early on.

The weaning process is not just about introducing a new menu; it’s about fostering independence. Watch as they take their first nibbles, gaining confidence with each bite. It’s a heartwarming phase that sets the stage for their future dining adventures.

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Socialization and Playtime – Making Friends and Having Fun:

Now, let’s dive into weeks 4-5, where our Yorkie pups transform into little balls of energy and joy.

Imagine tiny furballs bouncing around, playing non-stop. It’s like a daily party filled with cute tumbles, playful nips, and endless curiosity. These little guys are on a mission to explore and have a blast!

Every day, give them some extra love. Pick them up, gently touch their paws, and let them get used to your affectionate touch. It’s not just about bonding; it’s helping them become social butterflies.

Introduce them to the sounds of home – the TV, the radio, or the dishwasher humming away. These everyday noises may seem ordinary to us, but for them, it’s a fascinating symphony. It’s like opening a door to a world of sounds they’ll soon call home.

Male and Female Yorkie Terrier Puppies

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Week 6: Developmental Milestones

As we hit Week 6 with our Yorkie pals, it’s like watching a magic show – their eyesight and hearing are now super clear!

Seeing and Hearing Clearly – Our Pups are Growing Up:

In week 6, our tiny Yorkie pals hit a big milestone – their eyesight and hearing are now in full swing!

Imagine those once-squinty eyes wide open, taking in the world like never before. Yes, by the end of week 6, they can see everything crystal clear. It’s like they upgraded to HD!

Their little ears are also all ears now! They can hear the subtle sounds of your home – footsteps, the hum of appliances, and, of course, your voice. It’s time to start using their name more often. Let’s make it a musical experience for them!

Begin incorporating their name into daily activities. Whether it’s mealtime or playtime, say their name lovingly. It’s not just a name; it’s their special tune, and they’re getting ready to dance to it.

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Weaning Completion and Dam’s Space – Growing Independent:

As our little Yorkies hit the sixth-week mark, they’re not just developing their senses; they’re also taking big steps towards independence.

By now, our pups have mastered the art of eating solid food. The weaning process is complete, giving the mom a break from constant nursing. It’s a win-win – the pups are exploring a world beyond milk, and the mom gets some well-deserved me-time.

With weaning done, the mom can enjoy moments away from the playful furballs. It’s essential for her well-being, allowing her to recharge and relax. Imagine it like a ‘puppy spa day’ for the mom.

As your Yorkies become explorers, it’s time to puppy-proof your home. Think of it as creating a safe playground for their curious endeavors. Remove any potential hazards, secure loose items, and make sure they have a space to roam under your watchful eyes.

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Home Exploration and Safety – Their World, Your Watch:

Week 6 is like opening the door to a whole new world for our Yorkie pups – it’s time for supervised exploration!

Picture your little furballs taking their first steps into the wider world of your home. They’re like tiny adventurers discovering new corners, textures, and, of course, the joy of endless play.

While the exploration is exciting, it’s crucial to keep it supervised. Introduce them to spaces one at a time, making sure they’re always within your sight. It’s like guiding them on a safari of your living room – a cute and furry expedition.

To aid in safe exploration, consider using a dog crate. It’s not about confinement but creating a secure haven. The crate becomes their cozy spot, a retreat when they need a break from their explorations. Think of it as their personal ‘puppy room’ – a space they can call their own.

Puppy Yorkie

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Gear and Equipment for Puppy-Proofing

As your Yorkie pup starts discovering the world around them, it’s time to make your home safe and enjoyable. This section is your guide to the must-have gear that turns your space into a secure playground.

Think of it as setting the scene for a fantastic adventure where your Yorkie can play and grow without worries. From choosing a comfy crate to making spaces safe, we’ve got the basics covered. Let’s make sure your furry friend has everything they need for a joyful exploration in their new home.

Dog Crate Selection – Finding the Perfect Den:

Choosing a crate for your tiny Yorkie is like picking out their first cozy den – a safe haven where they can rest, sleep, and feel secure. Let’s dive into the essentials of making the right choice.

Size Matters:

When selecting a crate, consider your Yorkie’s size and future growth. You want a crate that’s not too big – think snug den, not a sprawling mansion. This cozy space will help with crate training and make your pup feel protected.

Safe and Secure:

Opt for crates with secure latches and doors. You want your furry friend to feel safe inside while you’re away. It’s like their little fortress, ensuring they stay out of mischief.

Growth-Friendly Design:

Since our Yorkies are in their growth phase, choose a crate that accommodates their expected size. Look for adjustable dividers to make the space just right – not too roomy, not too cramped.

Cozy Bedding:

Make it ultra-comfortable with a soft bed or blanket. This not only adds a touch of luxury but also helps create a positive association with the crate. Who wouldn’t want their own comfy spot?

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How to Choose a Cozy Bed for Your Yorkie

Your Yorkie deserves the best sleep setup. Let’s dive into the essentials of picking the right dog bed for your furry friend.

Size Smart:

Think Goldilocks – not too big, not too small. A snug bed is like a warm hug for your Yorkie. Make sure it’s roomy enough for comfort yet snug for that feeling of security.

Orthopedic Oasis:

Consider an orthopedic bed for your Yorkie’s joint health, especially as they age. It’s like a pampering session for their bones, offering support and a cozy retreat.

Easy-Clean Charm:

Accidents and outdoor adventures may happen. Opt for a bed with a removable, machine-washable cover. Practicality meets freshness – a win-win.

Puffy but Not Overboard:

Balance is key. Choose a bed with enough padding for comfort but not so much that it becomes overwhelming. Your tiny friend will thank you for the perfect nap spot.

Stylish Snoozing:

Let the bed match your home style. With various designs available, find a bed that not only pampers your Yorkie but also complements your living space.

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Playpens and Dog Gates Demystified

As your Yorkie transforms into a lively explorer, ensuring their safety becomes a top priority. Let’s explore the world of playpens and dog gates to create secure spaces.

Playpen Pleasantries:

  • Space to Roam: A playpen offers a designated area where your Yorkie can play freely without getting into mischief.
  • Escape Artist Prevention: Yorkies can be crafty. Choose a playpen with secure latches to outsmart any Houdini attempts.

Gatekeeping with Dog Gates:

  • Stair Safety: If your home has stairs, a dog gate can prevent accidental tumbles. Install gates at the top and bottom to ensure full protection.
  • Room Restrictions: Use dog gates to limit access to certain rooms, safeguarding your Yorkie and your belongings.

Choosing the Right Fit:

  • Height Matters: Select a gate that is tall enough to prevent jumping over but low enough for you to step over easily.
  • Material Magic: Opt for sturdy materials like wood or metal, ensuring durability against your Yorkie’s playful antics.

Supervision is Key:

  • Balancing Freedom and Safety: While playpens and gates provide safety, remember the importance of supervision. Keep an eye on your Yorkie’s explorations to address any potential hazards.

Puppy-Proofing Pro Tip:

  • Inspect and Adapt: Regularly inspect the playpen and gates to ensure they remain secure. As your Yorkie grows, make adjustments to accommodate their changing needs.

Baby Yorkie

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Keeping Your Yorkie Safe and Happy

1. Personalized ID Pins:

custom enamel pins

Custom Made Pins for Puppies

  • Safety First: Make custom pins with your puppy’s name and your contact details. These serve as cute ID tags to ensure a safe return if your Yorkie goes on an unplanned adventure. Getting custom enamel pins for puppies is also a great way to keep an eye on our pets.
  • Stylish Security: Turn these ID pins into fashionable accessories. Choose designs that not only identify but also add a touch of style to your Yorkie’s collar.

2. Chew Toys: More Than Just Play:

  • Avoiding Mishaps: Yorkies, especially during teething, love to chew. Provide a mix of chew toys to redirect their chewing instincts away from your belongings.
  • Textured Variety: Pick toys with different textures, sizes, and materials. This keeps your Yorkie engaged and satisfied without the risk of household damage.
  • Brain Games: Opt for puzzle toys to entertain and stimulate your Yorkie’s mind. These toys promote problem-solving skills, keeping them mentally active.

3. Bitter Chew Spray:

  • Safe and Deterrent: Use a bitter chew spray on off-limits items. It imparts a taste that discourages chewing without harming your pet.
  • Gradual Training: Apply the spray to items your Yorkie tends to chew. They’ll learn to associate those items with an unpleasant taste, breaking the habit over time.

4. Rotate Toys:

  • Keep it Fresh: Change up the available toys to maintain your Yorkie’s interest. Introducing new textures and shapes keeps playtime exciting and prevents boredom.

5. Play Together:

  • Interactive Fun: Spend quality playtime with your Yorkie and their toys. It’s not just about keeping them busy; it’s a bonding experience that strengthens your connection.

Dock a Yorkie's Tail


Nourishing Your Yorkie

In taking care of your Yorkie, what they eat is a big deal. This guide helps you figure out the basics of feeding your Yorkie in simple terms. We’ll talk about making sure they eat right, handling mealtime, and why it’s important to see the vet regularly. Let’s make sure your little buddy stays healthy and happy!

Crafting a Balanced Diet:

  • Essentials for Growth: Think of your Yorkie’s diet as the fuel for their growth and happiness. Choose dog food that’s rich in proteins and fats – the superheroes that support their overall well-being.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Additions: Some dog foods come with unnecessary extras like fillers and preservatives. Opt for brands that focus on delivering wholesome meals, steering clear of these additives.
  • Switching to Solid Food: Around four weeks, introduce solid food gradually. This marks a crucial step in their journey, so pay attention to their preferences and make the transition smooth.
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Mealtime Management:

  • Sticking to the Routine: Dogs thrive on routine, and mealtime is no exception. Set regular feeding times aligned with your Yorkie’s hunger signals to keep their digestion in check.
  • Size Matters: Given their petite size, portion control is crucial. Follow your vet’s guidance on serving sizes, considering your pup’s age, weight, and activity level.

Treats in Moderation:

  • Resisting the Treat Temptation: It’s hard not to indulge your adorable Yorkie, but moderation is key, especially with treats. Excessive indulgence can lead to health issues, so choose treats wisely.
  • Choosing Healthy Options: Opt for treats with minimal additives and sugars. Save them for special occasions, reinforcing positive behavior without compromising their health.

Regular Veterinary Checkups:

  • Early and Regular Visits: Start vet visits early and maintain a consistent schedule. These checkups help catch potential issues early on, ensuring your Yorkie’s health remains a top priority.

Male and Female Yorkie Terrier Puppies

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Treating Your Yorkie Right

Taking care of your Yorkie involves more than just meals; it’s about treats, health checks, dental care, and keeping their weight in check. Let’s dive into the details of treating your Yorkie right.

The Treat Dilemma:

When it comes to treats, small bodies need small portions. Overindulgence can lead to health issues, so moderation is the golden rule. Keep those treats just right for your little buddy.

Not all treats are created equal. Opt for options with minimal additives and sugars. There are healthy alternatives that are not only tasty but also contribute to your Yorkie’s overall well-being.

Health Monitoring:

Vet visits aren’t just for emergencies. Regular check-ups are proactive steps in ensuring your Yorkie’s health. Catching potential issues early on is the key to a happy and healthy pup.

Become a keen observer of your Yorkie’s behavior. Any sudden changes might be a sign of an underlying issue. Swift action, guided by your observations, can make a significant difference in their well-being.

Dental Health:

Dental care is crucial, even for your furry friend. Chew toys serve a dual purpose – they provide entertainment and contribute to maintaining oral hygiene. Keep those teeth clean for a bright and healthy smile.

Don’t skip on professional dental care. Schedule vet-recommended dental check-ups to ensure comprehensive dental health for your Yorkie.

Weight Management:

Weight management is essential for Yorkies. Tailor their diet to their size, age, and activity level for an ideal weight. A well-balanced diet is a key player in keeping your Yorkie healthy and happy.

Yorkshire Terrier Petland Puppy

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In a nutshell, here’s what you’ve learned about caring for your newborn Yorkie or Teacup Yorkie:

  1. Week 1: Newborn Yorkie Care
    • Keep an eye on weight gain for a healthy start.
  2. Weeks 4-5: Transition and Early Development
    • Gradually introduce solid food and foster socialization.
  3. Week 6: Developmental Milestones
    • Celebrate full sight and hearing development, completing weaning.
  4. Gear and Equipment for Puppy-Proofing
    • Make wise choices for safety and comfort with crates, beds, playpens, and more.
  5. Feeding and Health Care
    • Prioritize balanced nutrition, monitor treats, and schedule regular vet check-ups.

As you wrap up this guide, remember it’s not just about tending to your Yorkie; it’s about creating a lasting bond. Each shared moment, every meal, and all playtime add up to a unique companionship.

Embrace these insights and savor every moment with your furry friend. Share love, embark on adventures, and treasure the special bond you’re forming. Your Yorkie’s story is a beautiful journey, and you’re the storyteller. Happy nurturing!

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