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Here is a guide for owners of a female Yorkshire terrier that has just given birth to a litter of puppies. These tips will help you turn newly born puppies into healthy and active dogs. What you are fresh bedding, water, food, dog nail clippers, worming medication, and styptic powder.

How to Take Care of Newborn Teacup Yorkie and Yorkie Puppy

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should let the mother do her job. According to Yorkshire terrier breeders, the skin of the mother of the puppies can be scratched when the puppies try to reach the nipple to feed. This can cause infections and irritations. The nails of the Yorkie are black and it is impossible to see the vein of the nail. You should cut the tip of the nails with the use of dog nail clippers. Cutting the nails too short can result in bleeding and can be painful.

Bringing Newborn Yorkie Puppies Home

Have you brought a newborn Yorkie home? Take it to the vet immediately. A quick checkup should always be the first step after getting a new pet.

As the owner and caretaker of a dog, regular visits to the vet will be an essential part of your routine.  And getting a headstart is never a bad idea. The first trip will set the basis for all those to come.

Some dog shelters and breeders ensure their animals receive checkups before handing them over to new owners. And these are almost always respectable and reliable. However, it is still recommended that you take them to the vet yourself.

Also, try to get your puppy a veterinary discount package. Finding a good deal early on will help you since it’ll cover all your Yorkie’s basic health needs.

Have you dealt with your toy-sized dog’s health? Time to puppy-proof your house

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Gear to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Toy Yorkie

Yorkies are one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet. At the same time, they’re also one of the most adventurous and demanding pets you can find. And the following list covers all the items you need to take care of them. So tick off as many as you can before getting a newborn Yorkie.

Dog Crate

The more adorable your dog is, the harder it’ll be to train them. You’ll always want to let your puppy sleep in your bed and let it off the hook if it ignores instructions. However, you must stay strong in the face of your cute adversary. And the first step to doing so is getting a dog crate.

A crate will help you house train your newborn Yorkie and keep it safe from children and other animals.

There is only one important consideration when buying this training tool: size. Your pet will never get very big, but it will gain a few pounds, and your cage needs to accommodate this eventual growth. Additionally, it should be able to contain a pee pad and a bed.

Baby Yorkies

Dog Bed

Imagine having to sleep on a cold floor every night. It wouldn’t be fun. In fact, it’d be hard to get a good night’s rest.

Dogs feel the same way. So you must buy a bed and give your pet a comfortable place to rest in. Similar to the crate, pick a resting place that will suit it a few years from now. Because if your puppy outgrows the bed in 2 months, you’ll waste your money.


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Puppy Playpen

Male and Female Yorkie Terrier Puppies

Playpens are great for a newborn Yorkie since they give it much-needed space. Owners tend to overwhelm new pets, and these areas can give them an escape.

Since it’s a space dedicated to the puppy, it can create its own little shelter. And this will put your puppy on the road to becoming independent. Until then, you can monitor its behavior, considering the playpen is controlled by you.

As a dog owner, you’ll appreciate these puppy-dedicated spaces when you have to leave them alone without supervision.

Dog Gate

Puppy Yorkie

As your newborn Yorkie becomes older, it will start exploring the areas around it. Your house will be its field, and the various furniture pieces will be obstacles to overcome. And dealing with intrepid toy-sized puppies isn’t an easy task.

When this phase hits, puppies who haven’t been potty trained will start causing their owners quite a bit of stress.

The best solution to all the problems outlined above is getting a dog gate. You can seal off certain parts of your home, protecting your house from your Yorkie and your Yorkie from dangerous objects and stairs.

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Custom Made Pins for Puppies

custom enamel pins

A newborn Yorkshire terrier has a strong sense of curiosity, and new surroundings and smells will drive the puppy to explore. In order to prevent the naughty puppy from running too far to find their owners when playing outdoors, we need to customize dog pins with the puppy’s name and the owner’s contact information, which can be worn on the dog collar or rope. When they get lost, other people can use the contact information on the pins to tell you where the puppy is.

Chew Toys and Bitter Chew Spray

Yorkie puppy in the garden

Exploring dogs are curious dogs, and they tend to bite anything they can find. Toxic cleaners, shoes, marbles, and scissors are just some of the objects Yorkies will find around the house and try to chew. As its owner, it is your responsibility to protect it from this harm.

How? Give it an alternative.

Puppies want to chew something. And to them, it doesn’t really matter what the material is. This means that you can simply give your pet another chewing outlet.

For example, you can set up a basket of chew toys and give it a permanent spot in the house. Fill it with articles of varying sizes, textures, thicknesses, and types. Your pet will visit it whenever necessary and meet its fundamental canine desires.

Instead of chewing a potential choking hazard, your Yorkie can choose from a range of chew toys. Depending on its mood and wants, your pet will pick a different object. And if you notice any trends in the items it leans towards, you can fill up the basket with similar things.

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Puzzle Toys 

Baby Yorkie

A large part of your duty as a dog owner is ensuring that your pet has suitable mental stimulation. Doing so helps them develop strong mental agility and keeps them on their toes.

Puzzle toys offer Yorkies challenging puzzles and award them with treats upon successful completion. The theory of positive reinforcement states that all living creatures live in the pursuit of happiness and anything that helps you in your journey to getting there is a vital part of it.

Dog Bell 

Yorkshire Terriers are tiny dogs. Their miniature sizes often make them invisible to the human eye, who end up forgetting that a dog can be under their feet. This is why one of the biggest causes of injury among this breed is being stepped on.

Dock a Yorkie's Tail

Hopefully, you can keep an eye on your puppy. But if you can’t, getting it a bell will make sure you’re always alerted when the Yorkie comes near you. Sometimes, if we are preoccupied and we let our dogs roam around, maybe at the park, or any part of the house, getting custom enamel pins for puppies is also a great way to keep an eye on our pets.

Dog Dishes

Puppy detest drinking stale water and often end up dehydrating themselves in the absence of clean water. So you must get your Yorkie a clean dish to drink water from.

You also need to get them a dish to eat in. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and any lingering odors will turn them away from it.

Try to avoid containers that tip over easily, or you’ll have a lot of wasted food. The ideal material is stainless steel, even though plastic might be more easily available. This is because the latter collects bacteria and can harm your Yorkie.

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Feeding Your Yorkie Puppy

Male and Female Yorkie Terrier Puppies

Giving your newborn Yorkie the right kind of food is essential to helping them live a healthy life. Good quality food will provide them with nutrients and make them active. And this impact will continue for the rest of their lives. This means, that their diet as a puppy will affect their situation as an adult. Therefore, you must feed your puppy the right food.

Knowing that you need to give your dog a balanced diet and do so are two entirely separate concepts. The doggy food industry doesn’t focus a lot on putting out well-rounded nutritious food. Instead, most of their budget is allocated to cutely shaping the treats or finding the perfect packaging.

As a dog owner, you need to research and find the best food options on the market. There are many options available, and most of them aren’t the ideal diet for your Yorkie. Try to pick a company that includes a healthy dose of proteins and fats in its products since these nutrients are essential to a dog’s growth.

Fillers, preservatives, and meal blends are a massive part of the food production industry. And finding an option without them is almost impossible. All you can do is try to avoid them as much as possible.

When you get a new dog, always phase out the old brand they ate before starting on a new one. Take a few weeks and slowly remove it from their system.

The typical Yorkie will eat three to four times a day on a tight schedule. You will set it, but take hints from your pet about what time of the day it is most hungry and work around that.

Pro tip: Hand-feeding your pet can help you build trust with them.

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Be Careful About Treats 

Yorkie running

Nurturing life is one of the most beautiful parts of being human. It comes with intense feelings and connections and leaves you vulnerable to a lack of logic and reasoning. As a dog owner, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Yorkies are tiny bundles of joy. They’re loveable, cute, fun to be around, and always ready to put on a show. As soon as you’re near them, you want to reciprocate the affection and shower them with treats.

However, you need to be careful about the regularity and intensity of treat giving. Turning down a plea for biscuits requires an intense amount of self-control and is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Yet, it is vital to the growth of your pet.

Obesity in dogs is an epidemic. And the condition can almost always be traced back to trends in diet during the early years.

But with Yorkies, you aren’t just dealing with obesity. These toy-sized puppies have fragile immune systems and are at risk for illnesses like collapsed trachea, hypoglycemia, etc. Each is exacerbated by underlying obesity; however, they are reasonably dangerous on their own as well.

And a good healthy diet is the first line of defense against them.

As a puppy, a Yorkie will only need around 200 calories a day. Once they grow older, this number will decrease significantly.

Treats are filled with additives, preservatives, and sugar, which means eating too many will increase your pet’s calorie intake far above the recommended number. So while you don’t need to stop giving your Yorkie treats, you need to moderate them.

You should also set up regular medical checkups to keep an eye on your pet’s weight.

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Tips for Training Your Yorkie Pup

Do you want to train your dog effectively and efficiently? Because if so, you need to start on day 1. You need to know what you want to train your Yorkie to do and when you want it done. This plan will be used to map out a guide for its training process.


Yorkie pups

A twelve-year-old puppy has the bladder control needed to start the housebreaking process. But as mentioned before, it’s better to start as soon as the newborn puppy comes to your house.

Different dog owners and trainers will offer different opinions on puppy housebreaking. Some swear by crate training, claiming it is the best way to get a Yorkie to defecate outside. However, others will argue that pen training is the way to go. And then there is also the group that says the only humane option is to let your pet wander about your home as it pleases.

You need to decide what you want because that will determine the best method for you. Do you want your dog to poop outside? Or do you want it to use a pee pad? Perhaps, you want both?

Figuring out what you want will tell you what information you need to look for, what tools you need, and what method you want.

The General Rules

While it is crucial you know exactly what you want, a few principles stand independent of that decision. These are:

  • regular potty breaks
  • supervision
  • reward systems

As long as your method has these fundamental tenets, your venture is bound to be a success. Pair them with open areas for sleeping and napping, and they will be flawless.

However, you should know that no matter how perfectly designed a training method is, it will have some failures. And if your dog has an accident where they poop or pee in the house or on furniture, look away. Never rub it in their face and never punish them for it.

The third principle of reward systems runs on the theory of positive reinforcement for good behavior. Good training methods never use negative reinforcements. They aren’t helpful and only encourage your Yorkie to hide any accidents.

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