Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

Taking Care of Newborn Yorkshire Terrier Pups

Care for a newborn Yorkie
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Here is a guide for owners of a female Yorkshire terrier that has just given birth to a litter of puppies. These tips will help you turn the newly born puppies into healthy and active dogs. What you are fresh bedding, water, food, dog nail clippers, worming medication, and styptic powder.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should let the mother do her job. According to Yorkshire terrier breeders, the skin of the mother of the puppies can be scratched when the puppies try to reach the nipple to feed. This can cause infections and irritations. The nails of the Yorkie are black and it is impossible to see the vein of the nail. You should cut the tip of the nails with the use of dog nail clippers. Cutting the nails too short can result to bleeding and can be painful.Care for a newborn Yorkie

You should look for indicators of undernourishment and hypoglycemia in the puppies. If one of the puppies is thinner than the rest of the litter then it might not be getting enough milk from the mother. You should remove the other puppies first and let the underfed puppies get its share. Puppies with hypoglycemia are weak and can faint. You should contact a veterinarian right away if you suspect a puppy having low blood glucose.

When the puppies reach around three weeks old, they should be given worming medication. Most puppies have intestinal parasites when they are born and the worms can lead to several issues that include weight loss and diarrhea. The veterinarian can give worming medication based on the weights of the puppies. You can get the medication at pet stores.

You should touch the feet, face, mouth and ears of the Yorkie puppies. They require regular grooming that involves touching these areas. Touching the pup will help them become familiar with being handled and prevent anxiety when being groomed as an adult.

Besides, you need to take care of the place where your puppy is living. It should be a box or a bin that can be easily cleaned. The bottom of the box should be soft and you do not need to buy expensive materials as used T-shirts and towels will be a perfect solution. You need to check all the clothes for holes so that your puppy could not get tangled in. Else, puppies need warmth and you can also place a heating pad under one corner of the box so that the puppy could move to another corner if it is getting too hot there. To control the temperature in the box, you can use an aquarium thermometer so that to prevent any possible overheating.


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