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Have you ever felt lonely at a party? Do you find yourself searching for the ideal companion to take along? Well, look no further because these teacup dog breeds are just right for you. 

These tiny dogs are compact and easy to carry around and are an excellent fit for people short on space. 

Teacup dogs are a collection of the cutest and most loved dogs to exist. They weigh below four pounds and stand at less than 17 inches, making them the smallest dogs in the animal kingdom. Teacups have become increasingly popular with dog owners because of their charm and ability to maintain their puppy form lifelong. 

Teacup dog breeds are formed by breeding the weakest and smallest dogs in different litters. In addition, breeders often underfeed the dogs so they can give birth to more tiny pups. However, the American Kennel Club does not register teacup dog breeds due to their breeding size and controversies. Even though many consider these practices unethical, teacup puppies are still bought at extremely costly prices and have become a must-have for pet parents worldwide. 

20 Of The Best Teacup Dog Breeds For You

Let’s talk about the different teacup dog breeds so you can decide on the perfect pet for you. So without further adieu, let’s get right to it. 

Micro Maltese

teacup dog breeds Maltese

The teacup Maltese are known for their loud bark, which makes them excellent guard dogs. These dogs are a mix of gentle and feisty and are packed with energy. Perfect for older children and adults, the teacup Maltese are easy to train and enjoy short walks and cuddling. They require around 15 mins of exercise per day, so be sure to get that in. However, these tiny pups do not like being left alone and stick to their pet parents for long periods. 

Due to their hypoallergenic coat and minimal shedding, the teacup Maltese make ideal pets for people suffering from allergies. In addition, their white, single-layered coat, coupled with a button nose and round face, makes them irresistible for dog owners.

Some of the characteristics of the breed are: 

Youthful Yorkie

Teacup Dog Breeds Yorkies

The teacup Yorkies are another breed to make it to this list. If you didn’t think the Yorkshire terriers could get any cuter, wait till you see their teacup versions. These dogs are loyal to the core with their small, floppy ears, darkly colored eyes, and silky coats. In addition, bravery and confidence are some of the top traits found in these teacup pups

Teacup Yorkies, similar to their larger variety, enjoy plenty of playtimes. However, even with their micro size, they have the personality to rival large dogs and must be saved from the wilder species. Therefore, if you’re willing to give the proper time and attention, these pups can be the best snugglers for you.

Some of the characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: around three pounds
  • Height: less than five to six inches
  • Lifespan: Can live for three to nine years
  • Cost: $1500 to $2500

Slight Shih Tzu

Teacup Dog Breeds Shih Tzus

Unlike most teacup dog breeds, the teacup Shih Tzus are great favorites with children and other dogs. Previously owned by royalty, their larger counterparts are some of the oldest in the world. These teacups prefer luxury over hard work and are pretty happy with light walks and short games with their pet parents. 

The teacup Shih Tzus are proud owners of thick, long, and shiny coats ideal for brushing and can be beautified with bows. Unfortunately, they have small noses and flat faces, which sometimes create breathing difficulties for them. 

Some of their breed characters include:

  • Weight: less than nine pounds
  • Height: less than nine inches
  • Lifespan: can live up to 16 years
  • Cost: $800 to $2200

Pocket-sized Pomeranian

Teacup Dog Breeds Pomeranians

Cheerful, laidback, and affectionate, the teacup Pomeranians are some of the most adorable lapdogs. Often called ‘pom-poms,’ these tiny pups do not live up to their nickname as they run pretty low on energy. But, despite their small size, they have a keen intelligence and are eager to follow commands, making it easy for them to be trained. 

Highly protective and loyal, these teacup dog breeds do not like strangers and end up barking at anyone approaching their owners. They are the perfect size to carry in purses and pockets and are among the top picks for women. 

The teacup Pomeranians have different shades and colors for their thick layered coat. In addition, these fluff balls have huge round eyes and pointy ears. Not to mention, the different types of head shapes create variability within the breed, allowing owners to take their pick from a wide variety. 

Some of their breed characteristics include:

  • Weight: between three to seven pounds
  • Height: around eight to eleven inches
  • Lifespan: can live between 12 to 15 years
  • Cost: $2500 to $5000

Bitsy Beagle

Teacup Dog Breeds Beagles

Next in the teacup dog breeds are the teacup Beagles. Commonly called ‘tail-waggers,’ these pups are very expressive and get excited quickly. However, unlike the other teacup dogs, the tiny beagles enjoy their own company and are content with staying alone for some time, allowing some much-needed relaxation for their owners. 

Unlike the other teacup breeds, teacup beagles are also good with young children and different pets. However, it often becomes difficult to train them because of their stubborn nature. Including a variety of games and offering delicious treats is a great way to bribe them into obedience. Their playful nature and hunting ancestry mean that the pups need moderate exercise to satisfy them throughout the day. 

The teacup beagles come in different colors with short coats. Their hazel and brown eyes can quickly melt even the hardest of hearts. With their noses glued to the ground, these dogs can sniff out anything and will often be found following different trails. So be sure to keep an eye on them.

Some characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: seven to eighteen pounds
  • Height: seven to twelve inches
  • Lifespan: can live between 12 to 15 years
  • Cost: anywhere from $200 to $2000

Compact Chihuahua

teacup dog breeds Chihuahuas

The teacup Chihuahuas are some of the most famous dogs in the world. Owing to their fame in Hollywood, these sassy pups can often appear cranky and moody to hide their nervousness. However, they get along quite well with cats and are the ideal pets in a feline household. 

The teacup Chihuahuas are the true divas of the teacup dog breeds, just like their relatively larger ancestors. Moving with the confidence that bigger dogs lack, these teacups love to be the center of attention. Devoted and loving, the puppies are happiest with regular exercise and training and need to be gradually introduced to other pets to make them comfortable. Unfortunately, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened and have made it a habit to often bare their teeth. 

The length of their smooth coat can vary, but their large eyes and cute nose make them absolutely delightful. Usually found in white, tan, and black colors, these popular dogs are a household favorite. 

Some of their breed characteristics are:

  • Weight: below six to eight pounds
  • Height: around six to ten inches
  • Lifespan: can live between ten to eighteen years
  • Cost: an average teacup costs around $2000

Pint-sized Poodle

teacup Poodles

The teacup Poodles are bred from the toy dog breeds, which are already pretty tiny themselves. Following their owners from place to place and copying what they do is something these pups enjoy. Energetic, adoring, and curious, these pets are intelligent species and can keep their owners entertained for long periods. 

The teacup Poodles are another addition to the list of teacup dog breeds that are hypoallergenic. This means that they shed minimally and are ideal for people with allergies. However, similar to the standard-sized Poodle, these pups require regular trimmings as well. 

Purebred Poodles have only one color in their thick, luscious coat, making it easier to identify them. However, they are found in a wide variety of shades and have beautiful, glassy eyes that instantly attract your attention. 

Due to their adaptable nature, these teacup dogs are pretty easy to train. In addition, being loving and low maintenance makes them the ideal pets for families with older children and the elderly. 

Some characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: not more than five pounds, even after total growth
  • Height: below nine inches
  • Lifespan: can live between eight to fifteen years
  • Cost: average cost is from $2000 to $2500

Petite Pug

teacup Pugs

With the build and muscle of a standard-size Pug, the teacup Pugs make lovely companions for dog owners that enjoy some wit in their pets. Their relaxed attitude and moderate need for exercise make it easy to keep them as flatmates. Open to bribery, training them becomes quite easy when you come prepared with rewards. 

Usually found in black and fawn colors, these tiny Pugs are some of the most delightful pups around. Unfortunately, they have many wrinkles that need to be cleaned regularly to save them from infections. Also, given that their coat has two layers which leads to a lot of shedding, they are not the best pets for people with allergies. So be sure to brush them often to minimize the shedding and maintain the sleekness of that coat. However, together with their small size, tiny black muzzles, and chunky belly, they are some ridiculously adorable pets to own. 

Unlike the other teacup dog breeds, these pups are economical once they’ve been purchased as they do not require large amounts of food. Also, building a bond with babies and adults alike comes naturally to them. Some of the smallest dogs in the animal kingdom, these teacups are still very protective and need to be taught who’s in charge. 

Some characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: around two to five pounds
  • Height: below ten inches
  • Lifespan: anywhere between six to ten years for teacups
  • Cost: about $2500

Humble Havanese

teacup Havanese

The teacup Havanese derive their name from the country of their ancestors. Havana, Cuba, was the first place where the standard size Havanese were bred. Due to their shy nature, these pups need early socialization to open up gradually. But once comfortable, they are devoted and exceptionally loving pets which are especially good with children. However, they should be checked on often as they develop separation anxiety when left alone for prolonged periods. 

The teacup Havanese can be found in various colors, including blue, white, cream, black, gold, silver, and red. Paired with their curled tail and dark eyes and nose, these puppies are one exotic breed. The double-layered, long, shiny coat keeps them warm but, unfortunately, need to be brushed often, which is one activity they do not enjoy. However, short walks in the park are all the outdoor activities they require, and they are much happier indoors.

Some characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: around 10 to 16 pounds
  • Height: between eight to eleven inches
  • Lifespan: anywhere from 12 to 16 years
  • Cost: up to $3000 depending on the reliability of the breeder

Runty Russian Toy

Russian toy dogs

Resembling the Mexican Chihuahua, the Russian toy dogs are identified among the smallest dogs in the world. Although not proper teacups, these dogs sometimes act as honorary mentions because of their minute size and delicate bodies. They were bred from the English Toy Terrier in Russia originally and are energetic and full of life. 

Often it can be challenging to keep up with them as they love to run around and chase after other pets. However, the Russkiy toys can definitely help you get some exercise during your busier days. With their friendly nature, they easily incorporate themselves into any household and enjoy attention and pampering. Like the teacup Chihuahuas, these vocal dogs have loud barks, which they mainly use to keep strangers away. 

The Russian Toys come in two coat types: long and feathered and smooth and short. In addition, they have big, triangular ears, sickle-shaped curled tails, and tiny heads. However, their comparatively longer legs give them the elegance that is lacking in other toy breeds. 

Some characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: between three and six pounds
  • Height: between eight to ten inches
  • Lifespan: can live up to 14 years
  • Cost: averagely priced at $1500

Puny Pekingese

teacup Pekingese

The first thing you’ll notice about the teacup Pekingese is their glorious mane which is why it’s no surprise that it’s often referred to as the ‘lion’s mane.’ Commonly known as ‘sleeve’ or ‘mini’ Pekingese, these bold and independent dogs can sometimes appear arrogant because they do not like sharing.  

Tracing their origin to Chinese royalty, these teacup dogs enjoy luxury and show a lot of devotion to their pet parents. Self-assured and proud, the sleeve Pekingese requires extra effort, along with an experienced trainer as it may take them some getting used to. They do not enjoy a lot of exercise and can make do with a limited diet.

Found in cream, white, black, fawn, grey, and tan colors, these puppies have risen to popularity among the various teacup dog breeds. With its two layers, their long coat is paired with their flat faces and heart-shaped ears, making them an accurate addition to this list of the cutest teacup breeds. However, they aren’t hypoallergenic dogs, so we recommend you stay away if you are prone to allergies. 

Some of the characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: below nine pounds
  • Height: between four to six inches
  • Lifespan: can live between 12 to 15 years
  • Cost: $2400 to $6000 for top quality teacup Pekingese

Baby Bichon Frise

teacup Bichon Frise

The teacup Bichon Frises are gentle and loving puppies that can bring an automatic smile to your face because of their charming looks. With a massive likeliness to stuffed animals, these naughty and playful pups are a joy to be around. 

The baby Bichons are adaptable companions, making it easy for them to settle in any household and get along well with children and pets alike. They do not vary among strangers at all, so you probably shouldn’t use them as guard dogs. Playing outdoor games and walks in the park are some of the activities enjoyed by these mini-canines. So don’t forget to include them in your daily routine. 

With their beautiful white mane, alert, dark eyes, and tiny mouth, the teacup Bichons are some of the smallest dogs available. They do not like loud noises, which is why they prefer homes with adults. 

Some of the characteristics of the breed include: 

  • Weight: below seven pounds
  • Height: less than nine inches tall
  • Lifespan: anywhere between 12 and 15 years
  • Cost: from $750 up to $2000

Miniature Maltipoo

teacup Maltipoo

When you breed Maltese with teacups or toy Poodles, you get this adorable breed called teacup Maltipoo. These hybrid pets have an easy temperament and frequently shower affection on everyone around them. In addition, their adaptability makes them great additions to the family. 

The Maltipoos pride themselves on being active and energetic and must get their desired level of exercise every day. But don’t worry, even if you can’t find the time to take them for a walk, they will be sure to get their workout on in your apartment. Just don’t make it a daily practice.  

With some treats and compliments, the Maltipoos can be trained easily due to their high intellect. Their coats are soft and fluffy and come in varying shades of cream, white, and silver. 

Some characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: below nine pounds
  • Height: from eight to fourteen inches
  • Lifespan: anywhere from 10 up to 15 years
  • Cost: $500 up to $2000

Pocket Pomsky

teacup pomsky

The Pomskies are crossbreeds of Siberian huskies, usually female, and Pomeranians, usually males. These teacups have the hunting traits of their mother, which means they love to go on chases indoors and outdoors and require some discipline. However, training them is an enjoyable activity because of their balanced cheeky, and obedient nature.

Appearing like miniature wolves if they have more of their mother’s features, these canines can be genuinely gorgeous in addition to the cuteness of their size. Pomskies have lightly colored almond eyes and a thick, double coat that comes in numerous colors, making it easier to survive in colder climates. 

Some of the characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: five to nine pounds
  • Height: around nine pounds
  • Lifespan: up to 15 years
  • Cost: from $500 up to $5000

Dainty Dachshund

teacup Dachshunds

The teacup Dachshunds are the most miniature wiener dogs available. Funny, loyal, and energetic, they make great playmates. But, unfortunately, they do not like being around children and, at times, can also get aggressive with their pet parents. 

The Dachshund with their keen sense of smell and athletic build, serve as excellent guard dogs. In addition, they enjoy the outdoors and are eager to exercise as much as possible. However, due to their long backs, climbing becomes difficult for them and should be avoided. These pups come with three different coat types, namely smooth, long, and wire-haired. 

Some of the characteristics of the breed are: 

  • Weight: below 11 pounds
  • Height: less than six inches
  • Lifespan: between 12 to 15 years
  • Cost: $300 to $4000

Mini Morkie

teacup Morkie

The miniature Morkies are crosses between the Yorkshire terriers and the Maltese. These adventurous fur balls are equal parts sassy and adorable and love playing catch with their owners. Similar to most other teacup dog breeds, the Morkies are pretty vocal and love to bark.

The pocket-sized hybrids with their big curious eyes, button nose, and luscious coats have become some of the most popular pups for dog owners in the market. Couple it with their floppy ears and hair with warm tones, and you’ve got an adorable pet for you. 

Some characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: between four and twelve pounds
  • Height: from six up to ten inches
  • Lifespan: the average is from 12 to 15 years
  • Cost: $1500 up to $3000

Yea Big Yorkiepoo


Bred from toy Poodles and Yorkshire terriers, the teacup Yorkiepoos are truly tiny dogs.  These designer hybrids should start socializing while young to fully use their confidence and troublemaker temperament. With playful personalities and joyful demeanors, they soon become everyone’s favorite. 

Running around on their short legs, with their tails wagging around, the Yorkiepoos will definitely steal your heart. Their round, dark eyes, soft furry coat, and petite stature make them pretty hard to resist. They are bright and respond well to rewards during training. 

Some characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: between six and nine pounds
  • Height: around seven to fifteen inches
  • Lifespan: average is between 12 and 15 years
  • Cost: from $2500 up to $5000

Cramped Cavoodle


The Cavoodles, also called Cavapoos, are a mix of toy poodles and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. These gentle souls are some of the sweetest teacup dogs and are extremely friendly, making them ideal pets for older children and adults. They are loyal and loving and demand your full attention. 

Due to the vast number of available colors in their coats, no Cavoodle appears the same. Because of their Cavalier side, some shedding may be present, but if the Poodle genes are dominant, they will keep the shedding minimum. 

The Cavapoos are eager to learn and obedient, and for this reason, it’s easy to train them; all that’s required is persistence. They are happiest when with some company and shouldn’t be left alone for long periods. 

Some of the characteristics of the breed include:

  • Weight: between five and ten pounds
  • Height: between eight and ten inches
  • Lifespan: between 10 and 15 years
  • Cost: upwards from $400-$600

Portable Papillon

teacup Papillon

Papillon is a French word meaning ‘butterfly.’ These teacup pups gained this nickname because their large ears resembled butterflies. They enjoy traveling and exercising and are not just devoted to their owners but to the entire family as well. 

These extroverts are highly adaptive and can stay anywhere from small apartments to big houses. The Papillons are people pleasers, which helps in their training. As one of the most intelligent breeds, they are quick to pick up what they’re taught. 

The teacups have a delicate bone structure, flowy hair, and dark eyes. Coupled with their silky coat and agile body, these canines are the definition of grace. They require ample time with their owners and are very expressive of their love.

Some characteristics of the breed are:

  • Weight: four to nine pounds
  • Height: around eight to eleven inches
  • Lifespan: can live up to 16 years
  • Cost: $2000 up to $4500

Fun-size French Bulldog

teacup French Bulldog

Unlike the other mentions on this list of teacup dog breeds, the teacup French Bulldogs tend to be silent companions who closely observe everything around them. They required moderate amounts of exercise daily to keep them healthy and active. 

The mini French Bulldogs have compact bodies, glassy eyes, and plenty of wrinkles. In addition, their frowning foreheads give them the appearance of tiny angry pups, which just makes them even more adorable. These teacups are doting and make good companions for children as well as adults.

Some characteristics of the breed include: 

  • Weight: from five up to fifteen pounds
  • Height: around 11 to 12 inches
  • Lifespan: can live up to 16 years
  • Cost: starting from $3000 up to $10,000

The Downside of Teacup Dog Breeds

Even though teacup breeds are some of the most adorable pets you’ll ever see, they also suffer from numerous health problems because of their tiny size. Some of them are mentioned below: 

To Wrap It Up

In the end, it seems like you have an essential decision to make. Keeping these points in mind, you can now decide if these adorable teacup dog breeds are the right fit for you and your family. But remember, if you do decide to bring one home, find a reliable breeder and make sure you know how to take care of them. Happy dog hunting.