Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

How to treat a Shy or Aggressive Yorkie

Yorkie Joyful
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Those people who would like to have toy dogs expect that they will be joyful all their life but there are situations when a Yorkie becomes shy and timid. You should not be afraid that your yorkie dog is getting sick as this is a common problem among toy dog breeds. It usually happens if you have more than one yorkie dog and you do not pay much attention to this behavior. You need to pay attention to this problem and start taking care of this dog as much as possible.

Because, if this behavior continues, this puppies can turn shy dogs that would need a lot more support from their owners. Finally, your pet can express certain aggression towards other family members as well. You need to prevent this behavior from becoming a habit. This aggression can happen as a result of fear of being alone and forgotten. At this very moment, when you notice when one of your puppies turns to be shy, you should not ignore him as it can aggravate the current situation.

You need to do everything possible to change this behavior and make him be more sociable. Of course, it will need patience from you as it can take a lot of time. Moreover, when treating your dog, you should be patient as well and not to show any aggression.

Yorkie JoyfulThere are certain ways to change the situation.

  •     You need to explain all the problems associated with the behavior of your yorkie to your friends and other family members.
  • You need to make your dog fight the fear he has and your friends should understand this fear inducted barking.
  • You also need to use a lead when going outside or expecting any visitors.
  • You should not keep your dog in the house all the time but to take him with you when you going to visit somebody.
  • You dog needs to become more confident and your protection can play a great role in it.

Photo by Triple Tri (Flickr: IMG_0127) [CC-BY-2.0], undefined

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