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Any Yorkshire Terrier can be rather healthy for a long time but, of course, each dog is individual and can have certain health problems. If you know possible diseases of Yorkshire Terriers, you can use the right treatment and prevent any health condition. In most cases, these health conditions can be treated successfully.

Considering Yorkshire Terriers, they can have certain health problems, but it does not mean that each Yorkie may have them all. In this case, you need to know the symptoms of these diseases and turn to your vet as soon as possible.

One of the most frequent diseases in Yorkies is portosystematic shunt. This health condition is generally associated with the problems of the blood reaching the liver.

As a result, the blood cannot get rid of negative toxins and can lead to death. The symptoms of portosystematic shunt includes bad weight gain, issues with the digestive system, problems with urination, passive mood and poor coordination. Another health problem that can be met in Yorkies is called legg-perthes disease which is a process of hip joint degeneration. This sort of disease usually starts getting noticed at the age of four to eleven month.Health Conditions in Yorkies

Owners of Yorkies will notice the dog suffering from pain in the legs. Vets notice that the growing number of Yorkies starts suffering from hypoglycemia or in other words low sugar level in the blood. Such conditions as irregular eating, tension and diseases associated with the digestive track can contribute to the development of this disease. If you see that your Yorkie experiences a sort of disorientation and drowsiness, you can definitely identify the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

On the developed stage of hypoglycemia your Yorkie can experience a coma and even die. Here you need to increase blood sugar level as soon as possible with the help of honey. If you notice your Yorkie is having seizures, you need to contact the vet as soon as possible.

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