Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

A Male or Female Yorkshire Terrier, What to Pick?

Female Yorkshire Terrier
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When it is your first time to buy a Yorkshire terrier, one of the decisions you need to make is to get whether a male or female Yorkie. There are specific characteristics that male and female Yorkshire terriers have. These traits can help you make the smart decision when getting a Yorkie.

Even if you plan to neuter or spay the Yorkie, it is still important to consider the whether to get a male or female puppy. The characteristics of the dogs are still present after the procedure has been done but the traits will not be as pronounced as before.

In order to avoid picking just the cutest Yorkie from the breeders, you should find out whether you want a male or female Yorkie. You must find out the gender that best matches you and the other family members.Female Yorkshire Terrier

Male Yorkshire terriers are bigger than females and they eat a lot. Males are much stronger but this is more of a concern for big breed dog, compared to Yorkshire terriers. Usually a male Yorkie is only a few inches bigger in height. Teacup Yorkie tend to eat less because of its size but keep in mind that a Teacup Yorkie is not a recognized breed.

Female Yorkie is less aggressive than a male. But when one is protecting a litter of puppies, she can be as aggressive as a male Yorkshire terrier. Female dogs come into heat at least two times per year and last around three weeks. During this period, the female dog will discharge fluid that will attract the male of the species. Spaying the female dog will prevent this from happening. If you don’t want spaying the dog, there are several products on the market to address the issue. Female Yorkshire terrier is easier to train and less excitable. They can be shy if not treated properly. Female Yorkie can bond with several people and less protective than male dogs.

Choosing between a male and female dog is a personal choice. Unless you want to breed Yorkshire terriers, it is best if you consider neutering or spaying the dog once the veterinarian says it is okay to do so. This will prevent unwanted puppies.

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