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Many curious dog enthusiasts always want to know about dog aggression and dangerous dog breeds who has hostile temperament. So, let us discuss all the top most dangerous dog breeds along with the most dangerous dog breeds statistics in detail.

Dog aggressiveness is often characterized as potentially harmful behavior directed towards any person or animal. Barking, nipping, lunging, growling, biting, and snarling are all examples of aggressive dog behavior. These actions might have various root reasons, including territorial hostility and defensiveness, panic, and social phobia.

Additionally, it is difficult to single out some canine breeds as being more likely to harm others. How a dog is brought up, how he is treated, and the environment in which he lives all have an impact on the dog’s adult personality and behavior.

Having said that, certain types of dogs are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior than others. So, let us discuss the most dangerous dog breeds of all time.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

1.   Perro de Presa Canario

Perro de Presa Canario

These dogs top the list of the world’s most dangerous dog breeds. This is because they are very agile and aggressive in nature. But, despite that, most people agree that a well-raised member of this breed would make a devoted companion and formidable watchdog.

However, it also has a reputation for being a terrifying fighting dog that has a tendency to be violent if it is not taught correctly. Unfortunately, assaults by Presa Canario have been documented in the past and have the potential to result in fatalities.

2.   Tosa Inu

Because of its reputation as a fighting dog, this particular breed is considered quite dangerous. Additionally, the breed is quite rare. Because of how deadly this dog is, it is not allowed to be kept as a pet in many countries, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Australia, and a lot of other places.

The rising incidence of assaults on people, particularly youngsters, was a significant factor in the decision to institute the prohibition. 

3.   Chow Chow

Chow Chow

There is a common perception that Chow Chows are a solitary and self-sufficient breed. He is believed to have originated in China, and his maximum recorded body weight is 65-70 pounds. This dog has a very bad reputation and is often thought of as a pet with a high danger level.

This is because there have been over 200 Chow Chow attacks in the united states between 1979 and 1998. However, they are frequently quite protective of their owners; nevertheless, they can be destructive if they are not adequately trained and do not reside in the appropriate environment. Chow Chow also has one of the strongest dog bites.

The majority of states see dogs of this breed as “undesirable.” As a result, they mandate that their owners obtain specialized insurance to compensate for any injuries or property damage caused by their pets. They might become hostile and dangerous if they can’t get enough exercise and space.

4.   Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

The American Kennel Club categorizes the Doberman Pinscher as a member of the “working” category for dogs of medium size. They may weigh anywhere between 80 and 90 pounds and have short coats that are either tan, black, indigo, or beige in color. Their coats are glossy and dense and have a high sheen.

Dobermans are known for their high level of intelligence, which has led to their widespread usage as security dogs and in the police force. They have a very robust, protective instinct for their masters, but if they are reared with strong leadership and excellent owners, they can get along well with other dogs and even children. 

5.   Cane Corso

Cane Corso standing in the park.

Cane Corsos are large, frightening dogs. Some of the breed individuals are frightening and dangerous too. Cane Corso ear clipping is popular because people adore their threatening look.

Cane Corsos have a temperament that makes them possessive, territorial, and protective, all of which can lead to violent behavior. They are not very friendly with unknown people or animals. On the other hand, if you start early on with their training and socialization, they can become more sociable as they become older.

Because they are such enormous canines, it might be challenging to keep them under control if they were not properly trained from the time they were very young.

You are going to need to begin proper training with your Cane Corso puppy as soon as you possibly can. These young dogs are protective of their territory and possessions and are wary of outsiders. They are aware of their surroundings and will react quickly to any indication that they are being disturbed, made uncomfortable, or in danger.

Because of their propensity to be highly protective of their masters, Cane Corsos should be among the last breeds of dogs you test your prowess against. Because of this, they are great candidates for the role of watchdog.

They are clever and confident and always keep a close eye on their surroundings, being on high alert for anything that may pose a threat to them. You must ensure that they are kept highly occupied at all times and that they receive a great deal of mental stimulation.

These canines will act inappropriately if they are allowed to become bored. You will have the finest dog possible if you prevent this from occurring and show them how to channel their boundless amounts of energy in a way that is beneficial to their health.

6.   American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)


The APBT is a breed of dog that belongs to the “terrier” group and typically weighs between 55 and 65 pounds. It is considered a medium-sized dog, and they usually have beautiful names.

The name comes from the county of Staffordshire in England, where they had their origins. The original line of this breed was developed specifically for the purpose of being used as guard dogs and in dog fights; hence, their bodies were bred to be more robust and stocky.

The second line of this breed originated in the United States after the practice of dog fighting was made illegal there, and the breed was moved there. This new variant has a milder temperament and a more petite build than its predecessor. This younger pit bull breed, often known as the American Pit Bull, is known for its extreme loyalty and protective nature toward its owner and family.

They are also known for being extraordinarily excellent and patient with children; that’s why they are also trained as police dogs. They are renowned for being very kind and patient with children.

7.   Rottweilers

Rottweiler Dogs

Before pit bulls became well known as vicious creatures, rottweilers were frequently thought of as the most deadly dog breed in the world. These canines may reach a height of up to 24.5 inches and a weight of at least 115 pounds without jeopardizing their health.

They have massive bodies and a temperament that can become aggressive depending on the circumstances. More specifically, the dog will develop a warm and protective relationship with the people who live in the family, but this protection will not be extended to outsiders.

Tip: Rottweiler’s dog name is also considered a world-dangerous dog name.

8.   Gull Dong

Gull Dong

The Gull Dong is a breed of dog known for its high level of intelligence and ability to learn quickly. They require powerful and creative owners since they are hostile and wary of people they do not know, and it is challenging to keep them under control.

These canines are reliable, affectionate, and eager to be near their human companions at all times. Because of their quickness and attentiveness, they are ideal candidates for the watchdog role.

Always keep a close check on them while they are playing with kids since they are strong, hostile, and likely to hurt themselves in the process. Dogs of this breed are able to form strong and lasting bonds with their owners in a short amount of time and will always put their owners’ safety first.

Gull Dongs are notorious for their skill as bear hunters and are capable of holding their own in a fight against a bear; their innate ability renders them an enormous threat to the safety of other pets.

They are not appropriate for those who own medium-sized dogs. They appeared to be lovely dogs and wonderful family friends after receiving the appropriate training and interacting with people.

Gull Dongs may also fall on the list of longest-living dog breeds due to their huge life span (14-16 years).

9.   Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino dogs are often not hazardous to people, even though they are consistently ranked among the most aggressive canines worldwide.  These dogs were initially bred to be war dogs, and if they aren’t taught correctly, they may be harmful to anybody who comes in contact with them.

Dogo Argentinos can potentially be hostile if they are not given sufficient or any training. They are incredibly powerful dogs that are used for fighting as well as hunting. The dog poses a risk to the safety of other animals, even though it can coexist with other canines.

Dogo Argentinos have the potential to be hostile toward people too, but this trait is comparatively rare. Nevertheless, there have been cases of dogs hurting their owners, so you could decide against taking that chance. You will need to put in a lot of effort and time to train your Dogo Argentino to have a more pleasant disposition.

Fact: Dogo Argentinos are also considered the worst dogs for the elderly or seniors.

If you are not physically and mentally strong, then you should avoid having this dog bred at all costs due to its vicious and lethal instincts.

10.  Akita


The Akita is a Japanese mountain dog originating in Japan’s mountainous regions. This breed is known for being extremely powerful, forceful, and self-reliant. These canines have the potential to be exceptionally devoted companions and good companions after receiving enough training.

However, they have a tendency to be very possessive and awkward around unfamiliar people. Akita has a lot of muscle in his body, and he can get up to 90 to 100 pounds in weight.

If this dog is not sufficiently taught and cared for, he poses a significant threat because he is rather large and exhibits behavior indicative of territorialism.

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That wraps up our list of the top 10 most aggressive and dangerous dog breeds that can be found everywhere in the world today.

But remember, due to the huge tendency for unpredictable behavior of the a But if you are trained in handling these furious dogs, then go for it. You can tame any dog with proper love, care, training, and socialization.