If you are suffering from mild and severe allergic reactions, then it is rather difficult to find a dog breed that will not cause any allergy symptoms. The first dog to consider is the Yorkshire terrier. They can become ideal pets for those ones that suffer from acute allergy symptoms but you should not forget about the proper precaution. Yorkies are mostly considered to be hypoallergenic dogs but at the same time they are not allergen free.

Even if you have a dog of a hairless breed, you cannot consider it to be allergen free. The most frequent cause of any allergy is dander. If considering hypoallergenic dogs, we cannot state that they lack any dander. But with the proper care they can become dander free. That is why you need to define whether you have a severe allergy to dog dander and at this time any hypoallergenic dog can become a cause of allergy symptoms.

The first reason why any Yorkie is considered to be hypoallergenic is that they have a coat that sheds dander, providing a sort of protection for any allergy sufferer. To keep the coat of your Yorkie in a perfect condition you need to take certain measures. The first rule you need to follow in order to prevent dander from spreading is that your Yorkie should be groomed, bathed and properly brushed.

Yorkies PerfectBesides, there are a lot of shampoos that can reduce dander. Once you decide to groom your pet, it is better to wear a mask along with gloves. It is preferred to be done outside. Additionally, you need to wash your clothes and hands after each grooming or brushing. Do not let your pet enter your bedroom and keep it off of all your clothes and bed wear. Try to use vacuum cleaners with hypofilters as they will catch all the dander and will not disperse it into the air.

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