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If you have or are wondering about getting a Yorkie, the name “Biewer Terrier” might have come up once or twice. 

Meet the Biewer Terrier

The Biewer Terrier is a very close relative of the Yorkshire Terrier, and the breed is very commonly asked about on our blog. So, what is a Biewer Terrier? What are they like?

Where Does the Biewer Terrier Come From? 

The origins of this dog breed are speculated about often, but there is a commonly adopted story of where Biewer Terriers came into existence. The story of this fun, playful breed of dog originated in Germany years ago.

biewer yorkie behaviorThere, Yorkie breeders Verner and Gertrude Biewer rose to prominence in the 1980s within the Yorkie world. In 1984, they discovered a different breed among their dogs’ offspring. This breed was smaller, with coloring patterns of white Yorkie, black, and gold. This is different from the standard Yorkie coloring, which is black and tan. 

Soon after, this type of dog got its name, the Biewer Terrier. The Biewer Terrier was brought over to America in 2003, 19 years after it was first identified. Over time, it gained official recognition as a purebred dog and got its AKC (American Kennel Club) recognition in 2014.

So, the Biewer Terrier is fairly new but has come a long way in a short time.

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Is A Biewer the Same as a Yorkie? 


Not exactly. Mr. and Mrs. Biewer were indeed breeding Yorkies when they discovered the Biewer Terrier, so technically they did stem from the Yorkie breed. However, that doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same thing.

While there has been much debate about whether Biewer Terriers are the same thing as a Parti Yorkie, history tells all. 

Officially, the Biewer Terrier is its own breed and is recognized by the AKC. But, since it’s directly derived from Yorkie genes, it’s a very, very close call.

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A Breed Apart?  

We mentioned in the section above that there was lots of debate surrounding the Biewer Terrier’s legitimacy as an individual breed. But, why are people so passionate about this and how did the breed eventually gain recognition?

In this part, we’ll give you an overview of Biewer Terrier’s path to AKC recognition and public acknowledgment.

So, it has long been debated whether Biewers are different from Yorkies, including Teacup Yorkies, at all. Before 2019, there was no way for Biewers to be distinguished in terms of pedigree documentation. Until then, that was the standard point of distinctive breed confirmation.

biewer yorkie hair colorBut, that year Biewer Terriers went around the norm to achieve breed recognition, all through a completely unprecedented method.

The Biewer Terrier got its recognizance through genetic testing, evidencing that they were indeed different from Yorkies.

While their category in the AKC remains as Miscellaneous, it is still officially its own.

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Fun Facts About the Biewer Terrier 

There are lots of cool facts about Biewer Terriers that can be found in their history. While we detailed much of their interesting past and their origins, there are a lot more things to know about Biewers!

These dogs are different from Yorkies, but they will tend to have similar personalities. They love to play, they’re smart, and they love to meet new people. 

Something else to note is that they only grow to about 7 – 11 inches in height. They weigh on average 4 to 8 pounds, much tinier than your average dog! Next on the list for Biewers is entering the official toy category due to their small stature.

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Biewer Terrier Appearance 

If you’re wondering more about how Biewer Terriers differ from Yorkies, you can look towards their appearances. Most of the time, Biewers will look different to the point where the only tell would be their similar size.

Their coats are mostly white Yorkie and tend to have black and gold markings in their fur. Often, the markings on Biewer Terriers’ faces will be completely symmetrical.

As fur length goes, this is similar to the Yorkie coat in that if it’s not trimmed, it might grow all the way down to the floor. 

Overall, these dogs are cute, cuddly, and would make adorable additions to any household.

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Biewer Terrier Temperament

While there isn’t much research to confirm some perceptions of the general Biewer Terrier temperament, there is a general consensus that it differs a bit from the typical Yorkie’s. 

While Yorkies will have that typical spunk and excitement, Biewer Terriers have been said to have a bit more of a calm temperament. 

Training Your Biewer Terrier

Because Biewer Terriers are smaller dogs, it’s very important that you start training early. Biewers will need training early on to ensure that they are potty trained, chew trained, and more.

So, we recommend getting your puppy on a training program or a very structured regimen early on so they can develop well as house pets. 

Biewer Terrier Health 

biewer Yorkie WhiteBiewer Terriers are naturally healthy in the grand scheme of things. They are well-equipped to fight off germs. With good care, will typically live between 10 and 16 years. 

If you look up which breeds are prone to certain congenital conditions, you likely won’t see Biewer Terriers specifically listed under those at risk. But, this isn’t necessarily because they are immune, it’s more so because of their rarity altogether. 

So, if you are doing research, it might be hard to find specific data on what Biewer Terriers are susceptible to. For now, much of what we have to go by are individual case reports.

There have been reported instances of Biewer Terriers afflicted with necrotizing encephalitis, but this doesn’t mean that the breed is at a higher risk overall for suffering from this.

Since purebred Biewer Terriers have such a narrow gene pool if you seek one you should make sure there is a concrete system in place to avoid accidental inbreeding. This could lead to lifelong conditions, affecting the poor dog’s life.

If you want to ensure that your Biewer Terrier stays especially healthy and comfortable, make sure to give them regular baths and groom their fur. 

With all of these concerns in mind, you could be the owner of an exceptionally healthy Biewer of your own!

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Do Biewer Terriers Make Good Family Dogs? 

Biewer Terriers as family dogs can lead to years of rewarding, endless love, and excitement. They can be great additions to a family. 

Before you go for it, and this going for all small dog owners, make sure if there are kids in the house that they know how to (or not to) handle small animals. 

Owner Information 

Now that you know a bit more about what a Biewer Terrier is and how they’ve come about in the world, you might be wondering some things about owning one. 

In this section, we’ll cover registration options and keeping track of their records.

So, the first thing you might need to know when you get a Biewer Terrier is that registration is advised. Why do you need to register your Biewer Terrier? Well, it’s mostly so that you can keep track of the dog and its pedigree. Also, it’s a way to prove that they are the breed you signed up for. 

If you obtain your dog from a breeder straight from Germany, it should already be registered in the IBC. Currently, the IBC is the only recognized dog club in the country, so it’s only natural that this would be where to look.

If you get your pup from a breeder in the U.S., it should be registered in one of the national clubs, such as the AKC. 

You will want these registrations, especially because the breeder, if legitimate, will have proof of the mother and father both being Biewer Terriers. 

While it’s important to have your Biewer Terrier registered for your own personal tracking and breed verification, there are other reasons to do so, too. For one thing, the Biewers are such rare dogs that it can increase the validity of the breed as a whole to have more and more registered. 

Overall, make sure your breeder is legitimate with registration audits and keep track of the pedigree copies you get!

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Buyer Beware 

It’s unfortunate, but there are many dishonest breeders out there who are just looking to make money. They don’t care whether you get a purebred Biewer Terrier or not. Sometimes, they will try to cut corners by breeding a Biewer and a standard Yorkie, or even a Biewer and a Shih Tzu. 

Rare breeds like the Biewer are susceptible to attracting this type of breeder due to the scarcity and demand. 

So, with this malicious type of breeder, registration and checkups are imperative to ensure you get what you are paying for. 

If anyone tries to pass off an unregistered mixed-breed dog as a Biewer and you’re skeptical, you should be able to tell by the color of their coat. No registration should be one red flag, but otherwise, you can look for the white Yorkie, black, and gold symmetrical coloring.

Buyers beware of this threat, do ample research before contacting a Biewer breeder!

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The Standard in Comparison to Yorkshire Terriers

By now, you should definitely know what constitutes a pure Biewer Terrier. But, you might have noticed that there are indeed many similarities to the standard Yorkie. So, we’ll make it a bit more clear how the two breeds differ.

Biewer-TerriersIn weight, the average for Biewer Terriers is about the same as the standard Yorkie, only less by a tad. For Biewers, the average weight is 6.83 pounds whereas the standard Yorkie will weigh somewhere around 7 pounds flat. 

While the AKC doesn’t officially host an average height for the Yorkie breed, it’s very similar between the standard Yorkies and Biewer Terriers. In general, the toy dogs will fall within 6 to 9 inches.

For Biewer Terriers, coloring is one of the main differences between the rare breed and the standard Yorkie. Biewer Terriers will have a mostly white body with planes of black and gold, and their head will have more coloring. Standard Yorkies mostly come in black and tan, but there are other variations.

Mostly, the Biewer Terriers are similar to standard Yorkies in everything other than color. While we don’t know everything about the distinctions yet, we anticipate more research being collected as the breed gains more recognition.

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Rescuing a Biewer Terrier

If you go to your average animal shelter, there is a very low chance that you will happen to come across a Biewer there. 

Biewers are a rare breed, so most of the people seeking them are looking to keep them. If you want to rescue one, your best chance would be to look them up online and see if any are looking for a new owner. 

Finding a Biewer Terrier Puppy

If you want to find a Biewer Terrier puppy near you, it might be a long haul, or virtually impossible in some countries. Since they’re so rarely bred, you’ll have to find a breeder that specifically does Biewer Terriers.

While finding the breeder won’t be as much of a problem, the real work presents when trying to find a reputable, honest breeder that checks all of your boxes.

Upon finding a breeder, you’ll want to ask a few things and check some others. First, make sure that the breeder is selling you a Biewer, and not something similar in the Yorkie family. You can see this by checking the official registry and analyzing both parents and the breeder. 

Next, check in with the breeder and make sure they do not practice inbreeding or any close-relative breeding. It almost goes without saying that if they do, you should not support their business. 

Make sure they’ve tested for all congenital conditions and are aware of the risks their pups might face. Then, you can start talking to one about getting you a Biewer puppy!

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Raising A Biewer Terrier Puppy

When you’re raising your Biewer Terrier puppy, keep in mind the same things that you would for any toy dog. They’ll be so cute and cuddly but will have to learn a few things.

Your job as an owner is to help them acclimate to their environment, train them to do adult dog things, and simply give them love and all-around care.

Biewer Terrier Products and Accessories

In general, you can use many dog grooming and food products for your Biewer Terrier. However, they definitely make lots of small-dog-specific items and tools for you to use!

For example, you can find kibble mixes that are intended for smaller dogs, as well as smaller brushes and hair products.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Biewer Terrier 

Many people would love to have a Biewer Terrier due to their outgoing, lively personality. You might be wondering if there are certain advantages or drawbacks to having one of these pups join your household. 

Of course, the pros are that you would have a great, trainable pet that would always be a game for a walk or socializing. 

However, as far as cons go the small stature of the dog might not be the best choice depending on a few factors. Before buying a small dog, make sure you, your family, and your house are ready for one.

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Similar Biewer Terriers and Breeds 

Biewer Terriers are a unique, rare breed but they’re not alone.

There are a few breeds that are very similar to the Biewer Terrier other than the standard Yorkie.

The breeds that most closely mirror the personality and/or looks that the Biewer has are the Yorkshire Terrier, of course, as well as the Cairn Terrier and Border Terrier


Is a Biewer Terrier Right for Me?

If you’ve gotten this far, you should have a good idea of what the breed is, where it originated, and how to go about getting one. But, of course, you’ll need to know whether it’s right for you before you leap.

Consider these points: if you want a unique, rare purebred pup that will bring joy to you and your family, you can count on a Biewer Terrier to fulfill that. 

Additionally, if a Biewer is available in your area through a breeder, you will have a much easier time obtaining one. If they’re not available due to their scarcity, there are many other breeds that are very similar!

We hope you liked the article and now know a bit more about this wonderful cousin of the Yorkie. 

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